Woman trapped in shopping mall after closing time makes hilarious escape bid – World News

Andrew M. Santos

Sian Conway documented her night in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre in Dublin after she completed her shift and discovered she was locked in

Sian Conway became stranded at the shopping mall

A woman who became trapped in a shopping centre after closing time went viral after sharing her hilarious odeal and somewhat haphazard escape bid.

Sian Conway recorded her night in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre after she completed her shift and discovered she was locked in.

She realised the centre was completely empty and documented the ‘sleepover’ incident on TikTok which features strong language.

People passing failed to notice her at the glass doors and she realised the exits were sealed off,

She told the Irish Mirror : “I think I’m going to be having a sleepover in Stephen’s Green. I feel blessed,” she joked

Sian was left going from floor to floor in search of

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Scientists Recreate Cleopatra’s Favorite Perfume | Smart News

Andrew M. Santos

Researchers want to recreate the smells of civilizations like ancient Egypt. 
Photo by AMIR MAKAR/AFP via Getty Images

Bit by bit, modern researchers are helping reveal what living in ancient societies looked and felt like. But though those studies emphasize taste, as in a cooking museum in Italy that recreates ancient Roman dishes, and sound, as in another that recreated how Stonehenge would have amplified voices and music, smell isn’t usually included in the equation.

Now that’s slowly changing—and scientists are slowly starting to uncover, and recreate, the scentscape of the ancient world. That includes engineering a perfume thought to be used by Cleopatra, the female pharaoh who ruled Egypt between 51 and 30 B.C.E.

But, as ScienceNews’ Bruce Bower reports, actually determining which ingredients made up real ancient perfumes isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Archaeologists Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein, both from the University of

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Romain Duris Is My Cannes Dream Man

Andrew M. Santos

The actor’s look is never too try hard and remains deliciously laid-back (classic French-babe style, no matter the gender!). This past week, the lanky French man took to the festival’s casual roll call in an oversized ombré camp shirt by Celine Homme that made him look ablaze: The burning orange color started at the bottom and ascended into black at the waist, embellished by equally lanky, glittering palm trees. He wore this with neat black trousers, a pair of white shoes, thin silver bracelets, and a large pinky ring. He wore the same shoes when he arrived at the festival the day before but paired them with faded jeans and a leopard-print camp shirt. His best accessory here? His incredibly thick, tousled hair.

Duris attend the Eiffel premiere at Le Grand Rex in 2021. Photo: Getty Images

The actor has a history of easy homme style and embodies the designer

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Best apparel at Southern Hills

Andrew M. Santos

Southern Hills Country Club is hot, but players are still bringing their game when it comes to style. We saw some prints and bright colors from Tiger Woods on both Thursday and Friday.

Ian Poulter came out with one of his classic plaid looks. Hideki Matsuyama stepped up his fashion game with a printed red polo. Take a look at some of the most eye-catching looks that we rounded up from the first two days of the PGA Championship.

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