Older Women Are Sharing The Life Hacks They Wish They’d Known Sooner, And They Might Just Change Your Life

Andrew M. Santos

It’s an inevitable fact of life that we’re all getting older. In fact, you’re a little older right now than you were when you started reading this sentence. ~Time~, am I right?

Casual Friday Productions / Walt Disney Pictures

Well, let’s talk about the things we can do now to help us later on! Redditor u/secretid89 asked, “Older women: What are some underrated ways to take care of ourselves now, to make things easier when we get older?” Here are some of the best responses:

1.“If you don’t have the energy to do a full workout, do the bare minimum to get your blood moving, whether it’s walking or doing a quick squat-push up-sit up cycle.”

2.“MOISTURIZE every day, head to toe, no matter how yucky it feels. Your old skin will reward you!”


3.“Financial stability is so important. Make sure you’re putting something

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26 Best Smocked Dresses to Beat the Heat This Summer

Andrew M. Santos

Photographed by Jackie Nickerson, Vogue, May 2017

The best smocked dresses feature an embroidery technique that has been used for centuries, which gathers fabric in order to create elasticity (or smocking) for a garment. Seen more commonly today as a decorative component, there is a nostalgic element to the art form that has made it a fashion favorite. A vintage-inspired childhood dress or a retro nightgown featuring the stitching method might first come to mind, but today designers prove that the smocked dress is a modern summertime staple worth investing in.  

Molly Goddard featured the technique on many pieces in her spring runway show, whose voluminous tulle shapes err on the maximalist side of things. Stella McCartney chose to show a striking blue cotton dress with all-over smocking, that took a slightly sporty and minimalist feel. And now that the high summer offerings are starting to hit stores, there

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I’m a style guru, these two fashion mistakes are cheapening your wardrobe

Andrew M. Santos

NOBODY wants their style to be described as cheap and tacky – least of all when you’re putting in effort.  

But a fashion guru has revealed that there are two very common mistakes that immediately downgrade an outfit and make it stand out from the crowd for all of the wrong reasons. 


A fashion fan has revealed the two things that immediately downgrade your outfitCredit: TikTok/@sistersguidetostyle

TikTok user @sistersguidetostyle, whose name is Abby and regularly posts style tips and tricks, posted a video unveiling the two things that are ruining your outfit.

But the good news is that both are easily fixed and you won’t break the bank in the process. 

As a woman appears dressed in a simple combo of light blue denim jeans and a white basic top, Abby explains her fashion don’ts.

As Abby reaches for some jewellery, including some necklaces and a bangle,

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Phoenix boutique making fashion affordable for all

Andrew M. Santos

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Trade in and trade up at Poor Little Rich Girl. Cat and John Raslavsky opened the resale boutique in 2008 and now have a wonderful partner named Dawn Johnson. The shop buys clothing outright and consigns local items like jewelry, candles, and soaps. Resale is an environmentally conscious way of shopping and makes fashion more affordable at the same time. Names like Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Lululemon, Free People and more can be found in the shop.

Resale boutique Poor Little Rich Girl is here for your fashion needs

Find some of the biggest name brands at Phoenix discount boutique Poor Little Rich Girl. Jaime’s Local Love is sponsored by Subaru.

Cat says she loves having a small business in such a supportive area. She’s built relationships with shoppers who have been coming in for 10 or more years. One customer told Cat that she got the

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