65 best women’s shorts for every style in summer 2022

Andrew M. Santos

While all the cool kids are wearing their pumped-up kicks, all the stylish ladies are wearing the best shorts for summer.

Don’t worry, we still adore this year’s hottest jumpsuits, midi dresses and cocktail dresses, but shorts — like your favorite jeans and wide-leg pants — are are staple that everyone needs in their closet for warm weather.

So, we’re bringing you one of the most comprehensive edits yet with 65 shorts that’ll have you comfortable, chic and collected this season. From paperbag shorts to athletic bottoms, we’re wanting to whip out our wallets, too.

Whether you’re looking for some dressy shorts to pair with your comfortable heels or options you can run around in with your white sneakers, you won’t run out of options here.

Shopping for men’s clothing too? Check out

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Does Perfume Expire? Signs Your Scent Has Gone Bad

Andrew M. Santos

We know we’re supposed to throw out our makeup and skin care products once they’re past their shelf life, even if we don’t always adhere to that rule (guilty as charged right here). In fact, experts have warned that using a cosmetic product for too long can lead to allergic reactions and increased risk of bacterial infections.

But does the same go for fragrance?

In my latest bout of spring cleaning, I discovered a couple of bottles of perfume that I’m pretty sure I received as gifts in college ― which means I’d had them for at least eight years. When I sprayed them into the air, I was pleasantly surprised to find they still smelled quite nice.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel like I might be committing some sort of fragrance world sin. To address these concerns and get some answers, I turned to perfume professionals.

Below, fragrance

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Rihanna’s Mother’s Day Look Was One for the Record Books

Andrew M. Santos

Though she’s still pregnant with her first child, Rihanna celebrated her first official Mother’s Day on Sunday. Since announcing that she was expecting a baby with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, the multitasking musician has delighted fans—and the fashion community—by embracing fashion that defies stereotypes about motherhood and pregnancy dressing. As she’s moved closer to her due date, Rihanna has become increasingly daring with her wardrobe choices. To celebrate the holiday, she chose an attention grabbing look from the Paris collections. On Sunday, as she and A$AP headed to their favorite restaurant, Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi, Rihanna wore a glittering silver two-piece from Miu Miu’s fall 2022 show beneath a chunky Loewe toscana shearling. She looked every inch the star.

Adut Akech on the Miu Miu Runway

Photo: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com

On Miu Miu’s runway, the transparent woven tank top and matching skirt kept with the sporty themes of Miuccia Prada’s

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Why BTS Jin Fashion Style Described As Classic, Simple Explained

Andrew M. Santos

BTS Jin is highly regarded as the “World Wide Handsome.” Although his facial features are the main reason behind the so-called nickname, his fashion sense also plays a significant role.

Apparently, fans believe that every member of the all-male K-pop group has a different fashion sense. This is why no ARMY member can pinpoint which among the septet is the most fashionable icon.

Based on the assertions, netizens agree that each of the Dynamite singers has a unique style and set of preferences in terms of sartorial pieces. For Jin, Soompi stated that his signature look inclines more toward comfort that shows a not complicated, minimalistic style.

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BTS Jin Prefers Simple, Comfortable Pieces

The publication explained that the oldest member of BTS typically wears casual clothes. He is said to have “clean-cut and put-together” ensembles that are

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