Style File: US President inauguration signals inclusivity

Andrew M. Santos

It’s hard to overlook the degree of symbolism in Kamala Harris’ sartorial pick to the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Joe Biden. Cutting a fine figure in a purple ensemble by Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson (two emerging black designers), she managed to send out messages of inclusivity, bipartisanship and acceptance. Apparently, the hue denotes a deeper meaning about collectivism since its made by combining red and blue, the tones representing Democratic and Republican parties. Hillary Clinton had also worn violet in her 2016 concession speech while dwelling on America’s political chasm. 

Former President Barack Obama with former First Lady Michelle arrive at the ceremony. (Photo: Agency)

Moreover, the choice of purple could be a nod to Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to run for President of the United States. Kamala styled her ensemble with her signature pearls, which connected her to her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority days, and

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Shoe trends that will dominate spring-summer 2021

Andrew M. Santos
Sneakers, boots, rangers and thigh-highs, all have been done aplenty in various styles. Now, Spring-summer 2021 is going to keep our feet close to the ground where different kinds of flip-flops will get transformed into truly unique, strappy, and chunky options. High heels will be much less predominant and the biggest standouts will be flats, platform squares, and wedges.

So, while the season incorporates casuals, everyone will find something to love and slip into comfortably.

Hybrid Sneakers

Sneakers have gained much hype in the fashion world for many years now and have become a steady accessory. With comfort clothing, one needs comfort footwear, and so the new styles are all too funky to be used roughly, but rather give a fun, sporty feel. The winner was sneaker-style studded kitten heels with many brands creating these hybrids for a mix of glam and sporty comfort.

versace (1)

Kitten Heels

Kittens look feminine, delicate,

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How I Shop: ‘Derry Girls’ and ‘Bridgerton’ Star Nicola Coughlan

Andrew M. Santos

We all buy clothes, but no two people shop the same. It can be a social experience, and a deeply personal one; at times, it can be impulsive and entertaining, at others, purpose-driven, a chore. Where do you shop? When do you shop? How do you decide what you need, how much to spend and what’s “you”? These are some of the questions we’re putting to prominent figures in our column “How I Shop.”

You might have already fallen in love with Nicola Coughlan on “Derry Girls” (or, perhaps, on “The Great British Baking Show: Holidays” special starring the “Derry Girls” cast), but many are being introduced to the Irish actor as Penelope Featherington (and…) on the highly-anticipated, much-talked-about Shondaland series “Bridgerton.” Since the latter dropped on Netflix on Dec. 25, she’s been promoting it pretty much non-stop — from home, of course,

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Here are the 10 best buys from the Ssense sale

Andrew M. Santos

I never, ever buy designer at full price. First, I simply cannot afford to do so. Second, the discounts are just too reliable, and the deals too thrilling, to shop any other way. High-end fashion still functions on a largely seasonal model, which means that goods will go on sale in July and December to make way for new collections. The pandemic has certainly thrown the entire fashion system into chaos, but there is an upside for discount-seekers. Sale season seems never-ending, as brands continue to readjust to the new normal — and the spending habits that come with it. Right now, hundreds of designer shoes, dresses and accessories are temptingly marked down. Here, the 10 best finds from the Ssense sale to add to your cart before they’re gone.

Carhartt work coat, $155,

The hyped jacket

Looking like you know how to shingle a roof is fashion’s

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