Study shows faster uptake of chemicals in people with a genetically weakened skin barrier

Andrew M. Santos

The ability of our skin to protect us from chemicals is something we inherit. Some people are less well-protected which could imply an increased risk of being afflicted by skin disease or cancer. A new study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden that has been published in Environmental Health Perspectives shows how the rate of uptake of common chemicals is faster in people with a genetically weakened skin barrier.

We are continually exposed to chemicals from many different sources, for example, food, hygiene products, cosmetics and textiles. Many people are also exposed to chemicals at their place of work which can constitute a work environment problem.

The protein filaggrin is important for the structure and moisture balance of the skin, properties that affect the skin’s ability to function as a barrier against chemicals. Earlier research has indicated that inherited variations of DNA sequences for filaggrin mean some people have less good

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Valentine’s Day Ideas with Seven Seven Cosmetics

Andrew M. Santos

Question of the Day – 2/8We close out a Monday with Tina’s Question of the Day: Name three things you would like on a sandwich! Just three? Everyone answers, and we send it off to the Drew Barrymore show! Thanks for watching today, see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!

The Big Chop! – Part 2Mi Helton from It’s My Hair Salon joins us again with the big reveal of The Big Chop! WOW! What an amazing transformation!

Cody and ESPN 1320’s Damien Barling Talk SportsLots of cool sports stuff over the weekend, including those red-hot Sacramento Kings! Damien Barling from ESPN 1320 joins Cody to talk about it!

The Big Chop! – Part 1Mi Helton from It’s My Hair Salon joins Courtney to show us how you can change up your look for the new year!

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Japan’s Shiseido in talks to sell lower-priced brands to CVC

Andrew M. Santos

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese cosmetics firm Shiseido Co Ltd said on Friday it was in talks to sell its lower-priced skincare and shampoo brands to private equity firm CVC Capital Partners in a deal reported to be valued at more than $1.45 billion.

FILE PHOTO: Lipsticks are displayed at a shop of Shiseido Co in Tokyo, Japan, March 7, 2016. Lipstick shades are kissing off Japan’s short-lived economic recovery, and fashion industry hues are turning as somber as a central banker after another ineffectual splurge of money printing. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Shiseido, whose shares ended the day up 4.4%, said it was negotiating a sale of its personal care business in the first half of the year to CVC but said no decision had been taken.

The business includes its Tsubaki shampoo and Sea Breeze deodorant brands which are sold at drugstores and convenience stores in Asia.

A CVC representative declined

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Cosmetics millionaire Vida granted custody of her two teenage children

Andrew M. Santos

a person sitting on a couch: Datuk Seri Vida (right) says she has never stopped her children Cik B and Kacak from contacting their father. — Pictures from Instagram/Datuk Seri Vida

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Datuk Seri Vida (right) says she has never stopped her children Cik B and Kacak from contacting their father. — Pictures from Instagram/Datuk Seri Vida

PETALING JAYA, Jan 4 — Cosmetics tycoon Datuk Seri Vida has been granted custody of her two children by the Kota Baru Shariah Court in Kelantan this morning.

Vida, whose real name is Hasmiza Othman, said she was relieved over the decision and that the case will not be affecting her son and daughter’s emotional wellbeing, mStar reported.

“Thank God custody rights were awarded to me and this case won’t continue to drag on thanks to the judge’s discretion,” she said.

“The judge himself asked Cik B and Kacak and it’s true, I’ve never stopped them from contacting their father.”

Vida’s two children are Nur Edlynn Zamilleen, 16, also known as Cik B and Eric Zaquan, 14, whose nickname is

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