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Preserving Horse Hair – Handmade Resin Jewelry Keepsakes

Preserving Horse Hair – Handmade Resin Jewelry Keepsakes

If you have been unfortunate to have had the loss of a horse, or if you would like to carry a reminder of your horse whilst you are apart, resin jewelry preservation will provide the solution.

Resin jewelry gives you the ability to preserve your horse hair forever and carry with you part of your special horse wherever you go. The memory of your horse will be preserved within an item of handmade jewelry that you can wear as a personal keepsake for your horse.

The resin jewelry artist will take your horse hair and embed it within a resin pendant, key-chain or charm so that you can carry the memory of your horse with you always. The resin jewelry artist will work with you every step of the way so that you receive an item that is personal to you. Other personalised details could also be included within the resin pendant or charm. Example details such as the Horse name, a special date or even a photograph could also be included to make the jewelry even more personal to you and your horse.

Each pendant or charm takes about a week to make. The horse hair is first cleaned to remove any oils present and then slowly embedded within a suitable mould. Various shapes and sizes are available for the jewelry such as heart, teardrop, oval or rectangular and this is very much your personal choice. The resin is build up around the hair and set to cure over a period of days. It is then sanded, drilled and finished with suitable jewelry findings. The result is a pendant or charm with a glass like appearance that is extremely light to wear. The magnifying properties of the resin really do show off the contained horse hair and the finished jewelry is unusual, unique and a visually stunning personal keepsake for your horse.

Whether this is a special gift or a keepsake for your horse, the item of jewelry will be with you to always remind you of your special friend.