Aman continues its journey to wellbeing with the launch of Aman Spa Candles

Andrew M. Santos

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This is a press release, published for free on 2021-01-05

From jungle to desert, countryside to city, each Aman property welcomes its guests into a comforting and holistic space to connect body and mind. Drawing on the brands roots, destinations and the Earths vast apothecary, Aman continues its lifestyle journey with the launch of Aman Spa Candles.

Echoing the three pathways of the Aman Skincare collection, which launched in 2018, the candles deliver exquisite scents that bring warmth and light, making it possible to escape the frenzy of daily life and enjoy the serenity of Aman from the comfort of ones home.

The inaugural range features three beautifully scented 220g candles that follow the Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing pathways inspired by Aman Spas and influenced by the varied landscapes of Amans destinations.

Offering a distinct journey to wellbeing, the candles can be used individually

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42 Falls Church Businesses, Non-Profits Get Second Round Grants

Andrew M. Santos

FALLS CHURCH, VA — In the second round of COVID-19 emergency grants, 42 Falls Church small businesses and non-profits have received grants. The second round was opened to non-profits, as well as a wider range of small businesses. To date, 126 businesses and non-profits have been named recipients to aid with financial impacts of the pandemic.

There were 85 applications submitted in the second round, and 42 were eligible for grants. All eligible recipients can receive an award thanks to Falls Church Economic Development Authority funding and a $4,000 donation from the George Mason High School class of 2020. Each recipient receives $2,000 to help with critical operating expenses such as salaries, benefits and rent during the pandemic.

The second round of grants was open to small businesses and non-profits meeting eligibility requirements, including being located in the City of Falls Church for at least a year, having less

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It’s Time for Sex to Come Back Into Fashion

Andrew M. Santos

Remember sex? It wasn’t so long ago that people were having it, but now the pandemic has so endangered the act that begins life and mankind’s ultimate source of pleasure that single people are reportedly touching their apartment walls just to feel something.

Still, sex hasn’t been in fashion in a long time. (Fashion: always ahead of the curve!) For a decade, Phoebe Philo’s Celine drove a wave of men’s and women’s clothes that skimmed over the body with a blase and almost bland sensuality. Now clothes are becoming tighter, but for the most part, sex remains firmly out of fashion’s reach and mind. (There is a new Givenchy ad in which the house’s it-bag is placed between Kendall Jenner’s legs like a sexual organ—but it might also simply be her lunch. Such are the perversities of photographer and newly minted Matthew Williamsologist Heji Shin!) The

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MAC Cosmetics is facing criticism after seemingly trying to sell an old eye-shadow palette in new Sims-themed packaging

Andrew M. Santos
  • MAC Cosmetics released a nine-shade eye-shadow palette inspired by the Sims video-game franchise on Monday.
  • Gamers and beauty fans have since expressed disappointment in the neutral makeup, as they feel it doesn’t match the vibrant aesthetic of the games.
  • The beauty brand replied to the criticism by saying that the palette is meant to be inclusive, and matches virtual MAC Cosmetics shades available to characters in the Sims 4 game.
  • Still, beauty fans expressed concern that the eye shadows are actually old products in new packaging, as the palettes look identical to one sold by the brand in 2017.

MAC Cosmetics has released makeup inspired by the Sims, but die-hard fans and beauty enthusiasts alike are beyond unimpressed with the product.

On Monday, the Canadian beauty brand announced it had released a nine-shade eye-shadow palette inspired by the life-simulation game franchise. MAC Cosmetics shared a photo of the

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