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How to Treat Yourself to A Me-Time Weekend With Plus Size Sexy Lingerie

How to Treat Yourself to A Me-Time Weekend With Plus Size Sexy Lingerie

It’s about time to treat yourself for a weekend of indulging your mind and body with plus size sexy lingerie. No matter what body type you may have it’s a good thing to relax and put yourself first. Take care of yourself before taking of anyone or anything because if you don’t help yourself technically, you will not be able to effectively be able to help someone else.
Whenever you get a chance to unwind and be alone do this for yourself. You may say “I don’t have time.” The bottom line is make the time.

The things you will need are as follows;
a quiet place and time when you can be alone
a plus size sexy lingerie of your choice
a nice comfortable dry towel – used to wrap yourself after your bath
scented candles – be sure to select a scent that is soothing and you’re satisfied with
bubble bath – make sure it’s foamy, thick and sudsy with the scent of your choice
fresh flowers – it can be one rose or flower or a bouquet
prepare or order a take-out light meal, please nothing heavy
a light dessert or a few pieces of chocolate to munch on, this is optional
your favorite drink – hot or cold

If you don’t have all of the things above or can’t get them right a way, try improvising. The main goal is to treat yourself to some “me-time” for a weekend.
When choosing a plus size sexy lingerie try to choose a color that you will be happy with and one that is pleasing to you. The design can be free-flowing, loose or snug to your body with a plunging neckline or halter top. Try for a thigh high-cut and bottom to accentuate the hips for a sexy sleek look. Some of them are wraps and great for easier managing. If that does not suit you, try an one piece lingerie for lounging. You want to make sure it makes you feel good about you.

Remember, no phones and no contacts. This is your time to be yourself, your weekend to relax. Try some meditation or get into a favorite book or movie. It would help if you would write out a list or schedule of things to do and what you will do for the weekend. This will make it more like a planned event, just for you.
After, your weekend you should reflect back on the good time you had and maybe schedule this time away again but make it special each time. Don’t delay in doing something that will help you physically, emotionally and mentally. Remember, the main goal is no outside interruptions or interventions during your exclusive time with yourself.