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Anniversary Gifts – Forty-First Anniversary

Anniversary Gifts – Forty-First Anniversary

You may have lived through 40 anniversaries before this, but you have yet to see an anniversary gift anything like the one that you’re going to have to get for your forty-first anniversary. Most likely, the person who came up with this gem of an idea didn’t think anybody would be married long enough to have to actually go out and get it. What exactly is it? It’s something that you walk on everyday. It’s called land.

No, you’re not seeing things and that’s not a typo. The modern day anniversary gift idea for anniversary number 40 is land. Now, you can take this as literally or as figuratively as you like, but the bottom line is this. When your spouse opens up his or her gift, there had better be some kind of terra firma attached to it. Okay, if you’re stumped as to what to get, you’re not alone. Hopefully, however, we can give you a couple of decent ideas, even if they are going to cost a pretty penny.

The obvious thing to do is to literally go out there and get some land. No, you don’t have to get a lot big enough to put a baseball stadium in but it should at least be large enough to put up a little shack and have a small backyard to sit in during the summer. Yes, we’re talking about thousands of dollars. Hopefully though, by this time, you’ve saved up enough money and have paid off your mortgage that it won’t be too much of a hardship. Plus, imagine the surprise on your spouse’s face when you hand over the deed.

For those of you who are right now laughing at the idea of getting a large chunk of land, there are alternatives. What you could do is buy the land with the intention of selling it and making a profit. Even if you have to take out a second mortgage to do this you’ll be able to pay that mortgage off as soon as the land is sold and still have some nice pocket change to play with in your golden years.

For those of you who are still laughing, albeit not as hard as before, there are still other alternatives. What you could do is go to the back yard and dig up some dirt. Place it in a pot, get a plant or something that can grow in the dirt and plant it. Even some seeds will do fine. This way you can give your spouse a home made potted plant. Technically, it is land, though a bit of a stretch.

One other thing you can do is simply add to the land that you already have. Ladies, does your husband like to play golf? Do you have a back yard? Why not put a putting green in the back yard? He will absolutely love you for it. Yes, it’s a lot of money and a big job but it’s something that you can both do together. At least it’s something to think about.

Hey, I didn’t say getting an anniversary gift for this year was going to be easy.