15/06/2024 1:04 PM


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A Teddy Bear Birthday Party – Fun, Easy and Inexpensive

Teddy bears! Just saying those words out loud brings thoughts of warmth, fun, cuddles and joy! Children absolutely love stuffed animals and the teddy bear has been a favorite of children of all ages for almost a hundred years when the idea first took hold in both Germany and in the United States. And then when President Roosevelt used a bear as his mascot for his re-election bid a few years later, the craze took off even more!

Collectors’ purchases of bears in the United States alone reaches almost a half a million dollars per year and that is not even including purchases by children and others just for the fun of it! It’s an amazing thing – and no wonder. They are just plain cute!

So why not consider incorporating a stuffed animal bear or other stuffed animal in your child’s next birthday party celebration. There are so many options and using teddy bears and other fun stuffed critters make for easy decor as well as activities and other fun for the kids.

Here are six great and easy ideas for incorporating stuffed animals into your next birthday party:

The Teddy Bear Tea Party – Simply have all the guests bring their favorite stuffed animal and go all out with a fun tea party, complete with scones, dipped strawberries and other fun treats. And of course, don’t forget the tea!

A Teddy Bear Fashion Show – break out the scarves and other scrap material as well as some baby or doll clothes along with jewelry, beads, accessories etc and let the guests dress up their teddy bears. Take a lot of photos and make a “runway” with your dining room table for the guests to show off their dressed bears.

The Teddy Bear slumber party – Jammies, sleeping bags and teddy bears. Serve Pizza, put on a fun movie or play some board games and you’re done. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Teddy Bear Picnic – This is great for indoors or out so don’t limit yourself to the summer months. If your child’s birthday falls in winter, just crank up the heat in the house, lay out a gingham blanket and enjoy!

Make your own Teddy Bear – visit the local mall store or hire in a make your own stuffed animal entertainer. Each guest will make their own stuffed animal so it can be the entertainment and the take home gift all in one!

Give a teddy to a child in need – have the focus of your birthday party be on giving and have the kids make the bear like above but then bring all the made bears to a local shelter or hospital children’s ward to share the love.

The fun thing about stuffed animals is that it’s so great for all different ages. From toddlers to teens to seniors, they all love them.

So consider the teddy bear for your child’s next birthday party! You’ll create great memories, have fun and it will also be one of the easiest parties to put together. Enjoy!