How This Female Entrepreneur Is Helping the Next Generation

Andrew M. Santos

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Lizanne Falsetto sold her company for $217 million. Now, she’s giving back to rising female founders with a high-profile mentoring program.

Not long after she launched her visionary Pink Talented Angels initiative for female entrepreneurs, Lizanne Falsetto polled 500 male CEOs, asking them what they would do if a woman took over their seat. One response stands out in her mind: I don’t have to worry about a woman taking over my CEO role because another woman will take her out before she does.

“That was a powerful conversation for me,” she remembers. “I realized we must start bringing women together and collaborating with the younger generation of female thinkers. When women are able to do that, the energy starts to grow.”

Falsetto, 56, is the founder of thinkThin® (now called think!), a nutrition bar brand she launched in 1999. At the time, as a

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Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet Fashion: See All the Best Looks

Andrew M. Santos

Fashion lovers, rejoice! The Cannes Film Festival 2022 officially kicks off today. Held in Cannes, France, the annual event produces one of the glitziest red carpets in the world (competing only with the Oscars and the Met Gala). A-list stars will travel over from Hollywood to climb the event’s signature red steps, rocking their best suits and gowns, which are often custom, haute couture, or fresh off the runway. After being canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, Cannes came roaring back in full swing last year, and stars are clearly once again ready to channel some extremely-glamorous energy this year.

This year’s schedule has a number of films to look forward to, and on the official jury are stars like Deepika Padukone, Rebecca Hall, Noomi Rapace, and Jasmine Trinca. On day one of the festival, several of these jury members kicked things off in grand style. Padukone, for one,

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Kep1er Xiaoting Fashion, Style Deemed Elegant Ahead First Impact

Andrew M. Santos

Kep1er Xiaoting is the only Chinese member of the group. She became part of the rookie act when she placed ninth in the overall rankings.

Only about four months have passed since the nine-member group debuted and officially entered the world of K-pop. Accordingly, it would not come as a surprise that fans and followers still have a lot to learn about the rookie idols.

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Kep1er Xiaoting Reportedly Has “Stunning,” “Elegant” Style

In terms of fashion, Xiaoting and some of her co-members have already received praise and compliments from the public. Ahead of their debut earlier this year, AllKpop described their style and fashion sense as “elegant.”

This came after a few of the group’s concept photos and teaser materials surfaced across media platforms in preparation for their first mini-album, FIRST IMPACT. In one of

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Fast fashion is proving hard to kill, despite Gen Z

Andrew M. Santos

In today’s age, socially conscious shopping is en vogue. You might’ve thought that harkened the death of fast fashion, as a new generation of consumers has begun to shun its wastefulness—embracing, in its place, secondhand clothing as a planet-friendlier wardrobe—but according to vintage reseller ThredUp, that’s not quite true.

While Gen Z’s heart is in the right place, fast fashion is still hard to quit. In ThredUp’s 2022 annual report on the state of retail, the company found that only 17% of shoppers say they plan to spend less money on fast fashion in the next five years, despite 50% believing it’s harmful for the environment and 43% even admitting they feel guilty for buying from stores like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21.

Why the dichotomy? Blame a suffering economy and high inflation rates, for starters. Apparel is among the top five categories where consumers have noticed rising prices

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