15/06/2024 2:11 PM


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Ulta Beauty Is Doubling Its Black-Owned Brands, Including Keys Soulcare, Mented Cosmetics, & More

In 2021, Ulta Beauty has committed to prioritizing diversity in its inventory. On Feb. 2, the beauty brand announced it will double the amount of Black-owned brands on Ulta Beauty’s shelves by the end of 2021. The retailer will dedicate more than $25 million to the initiative. Alongside adding new brands to its growing roster, Ulta Beauty has devised a larger plan, not only for diversifying its shelves, but for creating new platforms for a wider range of underrepresented voices in the beauty world.

To kick the initiative off, Ulta Beauty’s debuting Mented Cosmetics, Keys Soulcare, and Black Girl Sunscreen in stores in February 2021. As part of this larger pledge, approximately $4 million will be allocated toward marketing support for a variety of Black-owned businesses to bolster interest and awareness among Ulta Beauty’s consumers. Ulta has also already launched its new platform MUSE, which is focused on uplifting Black women in the beauty industry. In the ad, you’ll see prominent figures like Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price, Melanin Haircare Founder Whitney White, Briogeo Founder Nancy Twine, Sundial Brands CEO Cara Sabin, and Cosmopolitan Beauty Director Julee Wilson.

The makeup retailer has even more plans for inclusivity in the near future. Ulta will dedicate $20 million on “media investments” to “celebrate and support the influence underrepresented brands and voices have on the beauty industry.” By giving time, space, and resources to Latinx, Black, and other POC leaders, Ulta Beauty hopes to foster entirely new platforms for historically overlooked brands. Ulta Beauty is also investing $2 million in quarterly inclusivity and unconscious bias trainings for all store and salon associates in 2021.

Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

To ensure the necessary care for and success of these initiatives, Ulta Beauty also announced that actor, activist, and founder of PATTERN Beauty Tracee Ellis Ross will become the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisor. She’ll focus specifically on BIPOC brand development and diversity throughout Ulta Beauty. “This work requires commitment and accountability from Ulta Beauty to ensure measurable goals are achieved. I am hopeful and optimistic our work together will create foundational change,” Ellis said in a press release.

“As the country’s beauty retail leader, we believe we have the power to shape how the world sees beauty and as such, we have a responsibility to inspire positive change and drive greater diversity, inclusivity, and equity,” Mary Dillon, the CEO of Ulta, said in a press release. “We are deeply committed to leading purposefully with and for underrepresented voices across retail and beauty.”