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Fortnite Valentine’s Day Cosmetics Leak Following v15.30

fortnite valentines day 2021 cosmetics

Epic Games

It feels like we’ve just gotten into the new year, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner in Fortnite and it’s looking like Epic will be celebrating with a bunch of new cosmetics for players.

Usually, there will be some way to get cosmetics for free and it’s currently unclear if that’s the case this time around. Just by looking at the list of leaks, it looks like some of them will be available for free, such as the sprays, but we’re not sure how the skins will be obtainable.

We know that it’s all about sharing the love around this time of year, so perhaps Epic will be feeling generous and give us a way to get some freebies. Here’s a look at the leaked cosmetics following the v15.30 update.

Leaked Valentine’s Day Cosmetics

Thanks to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, via Benbot, we have a look at the leaked cosmetics in this update and there are a lot of them.

Just a brief glance reveals that many of them seem to have a Valentine’s Day theme, meaning that there will either be a plethora of them showing up in the Item Shop, or there will be special challenges for us to complete to get them.

We’re willing to bet on the latter because that’s the way it has worked in the past.

When’s The Big Day?

Valentine’s Day is February 14, so if the developers have a set of challenges for us to complete to get free cosmetics, we’ll likely be seeing them at that point.

We’ll likely also see the re-release of several skins like Cuddle Team Leader and the Love Ranger since those are typically popular around this time of year.

There have been several ways to get free things so far this season, but it looks like Epic wants to keep the ball rolling and we have to say they are doing a good job. If there’s one way to keep players engaged, it’s by giving out free stuff.

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