23/06/2024 1:57 PM


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The Best Spa Treatments in Bangkok for Staying Refreshed this Summer

With summer officially here, pamper yourself to these spa treatments in Bangkok to escape the tropical heat and stay refreshed this summer. 

Although spa treatments are archetypically centred around heat, these spa treatments incorporate an element of coolness in an innovative manner. Thereby, these cooling spa treatments are the ideal way to escape the heat and stay refreshed whilst also unwinding.

[Hero and featured image credit: Spa Botanica] 

‘Cryo Sauna Therapy’ at RAKxa

Image credit: RAKxa

‘Cryo Sauna Therapy,’ ‘Cryotherapy,’ and ‘Cold Therapy,’ are used synonymously when referring to this specific cooling spa treatment. Cryotherapy is a treatment designed to bring the body temperature down at the tissue and cellular level, and as a result, bring beneficial physiological changes and therapeutic effects into the body. In Bangkok, among their other technical wellness treatments, RAKxa also offers a ‘Cryo Sauna Therapy’ as part of their wellness services. 

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‘Cool and Calm Facial’ at Anantara Spa

Image credit: Anantara Spa

If you’re one for facial treatments, we believe this one will pique your interest. Anantara Spa’s ‘Cool and Calm Facial’ is a 60-minute facial that’s specifically designed for calming inflammation after sun exposure, making it an exemplary form of cooling down and staying refreshed. This facial is also specifically designed for sensitive and reactive skin, and it assists in repairing, stabilising, and protecting the skin’s surface. This summer, pamper your skin to this treatment and expect soothed nourished skin. 

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‘Facial Age Freeze’ at Happening Nail & Hair Spa

Image credit: Happening Nail & Hair Spa

Next, we’ve got another cooling spa treatment for the face. Launched merely a week ago, the ‘Facial Age Freeze’ treatment serves two purposes: the first purpose is to keep your skin refreshed and cool, and the second purpose is to revitalise your skin for a youthful effect. The tender cool facial is inclusive of a cryo ball massage, a face mask by Esthemax, and a facial cleanse. A nice way to stay refreshed and to relax this summer. 

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‘After Sun Recovery’ at SPA Cenvaree 

Image credit: SPA Cenvaree

Recognised and revered for their unique spa experiences, SPA Cenvaree has made sure to incorporate a refreshing treatment designed specifically for the summer called ‘After Sun Recovery.’ This treatment follows the healing wisdom of local traditions by utilising a soothing wrap of red rice and ground herbs cooked in milk. These ingredients are applied to the sun-exposed skin, followed by an aloe vera and cucumber massage, and the ‘After Sun Recovery’ treatment concludes with a relaxing foot massage. 

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‘Summer Skin Cooler’ at Spa Botanica

Image credit: Spa Botanica

We’re concluding our list with The Sukhothai’s Spa Botanica’s ‘Summer Skin Cooler.’ As the name suggests, this treatment is an all-over relaxing, restorative treatment designed to help cope with the summer heat. During this one-hour body wrap, expect gentle exfoliation in preparation for an intensive layering of hydrating rose gel, soothing lavender oil, and shea butter-rich nourishing body cream. Then, a hydrating mask is applied to the face, followed by an Ayurvedic scalp massage which releases tension in the head. 

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