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Styles of Bedroom Dresser & Practical Means to Use the Drawers

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When you are planning to renovate your bedroom, bringing home an ideal dresser to cover the available space would be your main concern. Dressers are one of the well-designed and serviceable parts of furniture that keep the stuff that is not in current use. There are many drawers in a dressers and each of them has separate knob for opening. These are the best to keep clothes safe against dust; however, you are not bound to keep only clothing in drawers. Dresser can be used for keeping different things like office supplies, electronics and even the toys for kids. It is up to you to store a variety of essentials in the dressers to get an easy access to household items. While buying contemporary style dressers, mention West Elm coupon to obtain the maximum concession. 

All your family members need dressers to keep relevant items in the drawers. There are many items that everyone prefers to keep in the bedroom but cannot find a perfect place. For instance, blankets are used to be kept in linen closet or laundry room, but it is more comfortable for you to keep them in your bedroom for an easy access whenever you need. 

Major Forms of Dressers

  1. Horizontal Dresser

It is the common and easily available dresser’s category that is usually waist high and offers six drawers. Horizontal dresser is also known as Wide dresser as it is horizontally wider than its vertical length. Refer West Elm coupon to select Graywashed, Solid Wood, White Lacquer, Silver Inlay, Charcoal, Parchment, Antique Bronze, Haze Brass, Acorn, Dark Mineral, Marble Top, Vivien or Mid-Century Pebble Dresser on affordable price.

  1. Tall Dresser

It is generally available category of bedroom dresser that covers more vertical space than horizontal area. It is the reason; these are also recognized as Chests and present four or more drawers to store things. 

Designs of Dressers

You can find synthetic or natural wood dressers. Always remember that the higher the quality of wood, the greater will be the price. Minimum, a dresser has three drawers, whereas there can be as many as ten drawers in horizontal dresser. 

To match with the current bedroom design, you can pick a dresser from miscellany styles. It depends on your choice to choose contemporary, rustic, mid-century or vintage style to complement bedroom décor as well as personal style. 

Hardware of a dresser comes in multiple categories just like the surface material. What is more satisfying about dressers is to unscrew or replace the pulls on or handles if you do not consider them relevant to room décor. Replace the old handles with new stylish pulls on just to modernize the dressers without investing a great amount.

Wide and short dressers give an opportunity to decorate the large size top surface in various styles. You can hang a large mirror on top to use it actually like a dresser. Avail West Elm coupon to buy quality dresser and decorative material like jewelry boxes, attractive trays, family photos or vases for the top surface.