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Make the most of online wellness

During January, Google searches for “Best Fitness Apps” rose 600 per cent, so despite the pandemic, we’re still finding time to dedicate to health and wellness goals in 2021.

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And with gyms closed around the world, it’s no wonder we’re turning to technology to help us along.

We asked Penny Weston, founder of wellness brand Welcome to MADE and director of Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat in Staffordshire, England, for her five top tips when it comes to getting the most out of online wellness.

What do you want to achieve?

“The first step is to consider what you would like to achieve from online wellness and your motivation in signing up,” she said. “This can be a simple reason from wishing to lose body fat, become more flexible, boost your mental health or simply, move more. By having a goal in mind, this will help identify what areas you’d like to work on. From here you can search for suitable terms to achieve this.”

Find a platform that offers a range of classes

“Variety is key! Spice up workout routines by finding a platform which offers a range of classes all in one. This is particularly important for websites which offer contracts per month/year as opposed to individual class prices as you want to be making the most out of your money,” she instructed.

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“MADE On Demand offers its users a library full of follow-along tutorials and classes including healthy recipes, yoga, fitness and meditation and has over 200 fitness classes for all abilities.”

Alternatively, log on to your local gym’s website as many are still offering virtual classes, expertise and help during lockdown.

Have a dedicated time and space

“Having a routine will make things a lot easier and means you will be stricter with yourself when it comes to following your wellness schedule,” she said. “Similarly to dedicating a certain time or day to go to the gym, find a suitable time to follow a virtual fitness class. By scheduling your workout session in your diary or weekly planner, this means you are more likely to commit to the session. Find a quiet spot where you can do your exercises and won’t be distracted by other tasks or people.”

Get dressed properly

“Although being at home allows us to wear our more comfortable attire, this doesn’t often allow us to feel productive. For whichever online wellness class that you have chosen, ditch the PJs and the joggers and an old top,” she smiled. “Instead get properly dressed into suitable sportswear.”


“Lastly, enjoy! Exercise can be fun if you allow it to be. With fantastic effects boosting mental health due to the release of endorphins, exercise should leave you feeling better than when you started,” Penny enthused.