I’m a style guru, these two fashion mistakes are cheapening your wardrobe

Andrew M. Santos

NOBODY wants their style to be described as cheap and tacky – least of all when you’re putting in effort.  

But a fashion guru has revealed that there are two very common mistakes that immediately downgrade an outfit and make it stand out from the crowd for all of the wrong reasons. 


A fashion fan has revealed the two things that immediately downgrade your outfitCredit: TikTok/@sistersguidetostyle

TikTok user @sistersguidetostyle, whose name is Abby and regularly posts style tips and tricks, posted a video unveiling the two things that are ruining your outfit.

But the good news is that both are easily fixed and you won’t break the bank in the process. 

As a woman appears dressed in a simple combo of light blue denim jeans and a white basic top, Abby explains her fashion don’ts.

As Abby reaches for some jewellery, including some necklaces and a bangle, she says: “Forgetting to accessorise can really downgrade your look. 

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“Accessories can really add interest and elegance to the simplest outfits. Just remember, less is more.”

The style guru then moves on to her second gripe – visible bra straps. 

Abby explains: “Bra straps that are left showing can really cheapen an outfit. I suggest investing in some quality nude bras.”  

The fashionista’s latest advice follows her popular video, which told her social media followers how they can nail the “expensive look.”

In the post, Abby said there were three key elements to get the most out of your wardrobe – texture, colour and structure.

She explained: “Textures such as silk, cashmere and linen not only make you look expensive but make you feel expensive too.

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“Mixing beige and white or navy and white are two timeless classic expensive colour palettes.

“Finally, by playing around with structures, such as popping, subtle collar, draping a blazer or rolling your sleeves can really make you look expensive.”

Abby said it is important to add accessories to a simple outfit


Abby said it is important to add accessories to a simple outfitCredit: TikTok/@sistersguidetostyle
Underwear is equally as important and can totally transform a look


Underwear is equally as important and can totally transform a lookCredit: TikTok/@sistersguidetostyle

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