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Father’s Day Islamic Gifts

Father’s Day Islamic Gifts

With father’s Day around the corner, the large majority of children are looking forward to celebrating this day with the one person in the world that they consider their hero; their father. This day holds a special place in every child’s heart, as they get a chance to show their love and respect for their fathers with gestures like giving gifts and spending quality time with them. Gift giving holds a special place in Islam as well, so father’s day is the perfect time to bestow your dad’s with Islamic gifts which have significance as well as sentiments attached to them.

A number of great Islamic gifts which are suitable to be presented to your dads include:

Islamic books: A good book always holds a special place in a person’s heart and if it comprises of a good religious topic, then there can be no better Islamic gifts than a book or a version of the Quran.

Religious CD’s: there are numerous good CD’s available with beautiful recitation and translations of the Quran. For any good practicing Muslim, these CD’s are equivalent to any amount of wealth as they can listen to the inspiring words of the Holy Quran along with understanding its meaning at any time. Due to this very reason, Islamic CD’s are very well appreciated Islamic gifts by all Muslims.

Jubbas: Muslim men love to wear jubbas as this is the type of outfit worn by their beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Today there is a large variety of jubbas available at all leading Islamic stores and can be given to your father as a valuable present for father’s day this year. Jubbas are therefore great Islamic gifts for all the important father’s in your family, whether your dad, brother, husband or son.

Attars: Another fantastic gift idea for father’s day are the various attars or concentrated alcohol free perfumes, which the men are allowed to wear, even to the mosque. All Muslim men love to wear some type of attar, particularly when going to the masjid for Salah. Therefore, you can get your father’s favourite smelling attar for him in beautifully designed bottles as a gift for him.

Prayer mats and Tasbeeh: This combination is well liked and appreciated by all as they are a vital part of a Muslim’s daily routine. Every time he will stand for Salah using these gifts, he will be reminded of the beautiful children that Allah has blessed him with.

These are just a few Islamic gifts that can be given to show your love to your father. In addition, many great gift ideas are available at the numerous online Islamic stores.