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Different Ways to Promote Yourself As a Model

Different Ways to Promote Yourself As a Model

A model who is truly passionate about pursuing modeling as long term career has to take steps to promote themselves and continuously stay relevant to the industry.

Get your poses right

Know the tips and secrets so that you can quickly achieve a good variety of poses that suits the project you are doing. Master the basic tips of posing such as keeping your chin down, twisting your body two-thirds away from the camera, bringing your ears forward, positioning your eyes in alignment with your nose, not posing straight but at least one leg bent, and opening the mouth slightly to provide a subtle luring pose. These are some basic tips that once mastered add beauty to any photo very easily.

Another pro tip is learning to smile with your eyes. Heard of smize? Watch Tyra Banks as she flatters with her eyes. Your eyes are usually the center of focus for photos and are what viewers will see to infer the emotion of the photo. Your eyes, like a painting, speak a thousand words, so learn how to use it well.

Social Media and Instamodeling

Use the power of social media to your advantage. Scouters from every modeling agency and clients are constantly on the lookout for top quality models on Social media platforms. Create a casual account where you post your selfies, normal social life and give a few updates of your best works to show you followers more about your modeling life. Don’t create a professional modeling account that is filled with professional studio quality photos, as clients are more interested to see what you post when you don’t expect to be seen by them. Moreover, it’s a platform for you to show off your personality. Be vibrant and socially friendly with your captions in that respect. Use appropriate and popular hashtags such as #outfitoftheday, #Singaporemodel etcetera; this will help your photos gain more reach.

Create a website

If you are truly serious about modeling and attracting clients, setting up your own webpage is one of the best ways to do it. With many free web host platforms such as Wix and WordPress, you can easily set up a website that will help market your brand of modeling. But if you do so, make sure you have a number of significant experiences that can flaunt off on the website.

The most connection wins

Modeling is an industry where soft skills get the biggest treats. If you are able to socialize and interact with top clients and Bookers you will see more opportunities coming your way. Find out the latest fashion shows, parties and corporate events in town and try to get your ticket in. Wear your best dress and impress.

With a stunning look and outgoing personality, you will most certainly get the opportunities you are looking for.