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Wolschlager Wellness in Algonquin Offering New Body Contouring Service Starting in April

Algonquin, IL – Wolschlager Chiropractic Health Center, a leading chiropractic, spa, and wellness center in Algonquin, has announced a new service. The center will now offer body contouring treatments, also known as body sculpting, to the members of their community. The newly announced service, starting in April of 2022, will afford clients the opportunity to help achieve their desired body shape without having to undergo extreme diets or complex surgical procedures.

Announcing their body contouring in Algonquin, IL, owner and operator Warren Wolschlager, who has been practicing for over 26 years, noted that they would be using CryoSkin’s latest and advanced technology to deliver desired results that help eliminate body fat and sculpt patients’ bodies into their ideal shape. New patients at the center will be provided a special cost-saving offer welcoming them to the treatment.

Customers will have access to different treatment options, including the CryoSlimming(R) treatment available in a single session or various packages. There’s also the CryoToning(R) and CryoFacial treatments, also available in single session or package tiers.

Originally developed in France, CryoSkin(R) is an umbrella term for the elimination of fat cells through the concentrated application of cold and heat, a process known as apoptosis (“programmed cell death”).

Describing how the new treatment works, Warren Wolschlager said: “Many body contouring machines utilize cooling or freezing technology to help reduce the appearance of fat. Most people report good results with this type of treatment. Body sculpting can help transform your body by eliminating stubborn pockets of fat and contouring your curves. It is a non-invasive treatment that is safe and effective. Most people benefit from receiving multiple treatments, and the number and frequency of treatments will vary depending on your individual goals.”

Clients visiting the Wolschlager Wellness clinic for the new service can expect positive results like improved shape and figure, reduced body fat, improved skin tone, and increased confidence. Interested persons can schedule a consultation meeting with the certified technicians at the center to discuss the treatment service and how ideal it is for their specific needs.

Other than its newly announced body sculpting service, Wolschlager Chiropractic Health Center will continue to provide its chiropractic care, massage, and spa services to patients and customers. Interested persons can visit the center at 1408 S Main St. in Algonquin to get started. For more information, Wolschlager Chiropractic Health Center can be reached via phone at (847) 854-0829 or visit their website.

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