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Uses of a Jewelry Box

Uses of a Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are beautiful, sturdy, and versatile storage containers. They are most often used for jewelry or other high-end accessories. They are meant to keep items safe from damage and exposure but not from theft – these aren’t vaults or safes, but boxes. Still, the boxes themselves can be so well made and prized they are passed down as heirlooms.

You can get the boxes in any number of styles and materials and sizes. There are tiny boxes that hold pairs of earrings, boxes just for rings, large boxes that hold all different kinds of jewelry.

Don’t limit yourself to their use, however, just because they are often called ‘jewelry’ boxes. You can use them for different purposes, and that can make them even more precious. Here are just a few ideas for alternate uses you might enjoy:

Family heirloom: Why not use a treasured keepsake box that has been passed down in your family to hold another treasured keepsake? In some cases, you can find heirlooms that have been passed down even across seven or eight generations, making the item very prized and important.

Obviously such a prized item should be protected and kept safe. But you don’t want to just put it in whatever box. A vintage box, that is sturdy and itself weathered and passed down, would be ideal for this purpose.

Wedding vows: Where do you keep your wedding vows? Long after your wedding reception is just a distant memory, you will still be able to enjoy your vows if you store them in a lovely jewelry box.

In fact, some brides will decorate the box for just this purpose. They will then use the box as a centerpiece, or put it on a shelf or table. They can open it and look at the vows. Some couples even rekindle romance by rereading their vows to each other every so often.

There are plenty of great ideas for how to use well made and attractive jewelry boxes. This is a good investment; even if you have nothing to put in it when you buy it, that will change.