15/06/2024 1:12 PM


Crackle Fashion

Tilda Swinton Masterfully Pulls Off a Baggy Fit

Fight us on this one, but when you hop on an airplane, you want to be comfortable, no? It’s hardly the time to wear a fresh-off-the-runway look! That being said, there’s an art to putting together an ensemble that is both cozy and put-together. Should you need inspiration for an upcoming trip, look to Tilda Swinton. Yesterday, the stylish star touched down at the Venice airport wearing an all-around baggy fit—because who wants to be constricted on a long flight?—that was still super polished at the same time.

Swinton is onto something with her big, baggy attire. Oversized silhouettes have been trending on the runways lately: Labels such as Peter Do, Balenciaga, and Sacai have all proven that roomy silhouettes can be super chic (when proportioned correctly). Swinton channeled the look with a big double-breasted topcoat, paired with an oversized dress shirt and baggy jeans, which are all the rage with celebrities right now.

Even her bag was humongous—she carried a jumbo white Chanel tote bag, complete with the signature chain straps (talk about the most luxurious carry-on bag ever). For an added treat, we love her Birkenstock-like clogs as well, which you can easily slip on and off while going through security. The whole fit is a masterclass in dressing comfortably for travel while still flexing a statement look. It simply blows a sweatsuit out of the water.