22/05/2024 6:29 AM


Crackle Fashion

The Trends Editors Across Four States Agree Are In and Out

While—believe it or not—at one point we all worked together in the same West Hollywood office, today, I and three of my longtime colleagues are spread out across NYC, Madison, Raleigh, and L.A. Luckily, thanks to travel, email, Instagram, and Slack—where we’re regularly sidebaring on everything from celebrity looks to my seemingly never-ending quest for chic maternity style—we remain connected and up-to-date on each other’s tastes and interests.

Of course, that’s not to say we haven’t changed over the years. As an L.A. native, my move to New York has clearly turned me into a more prudent dresser and practical shopper. Meanwhile, Allyson’s return to the South seems to have reinforced her strong sense of personal style and love of trend-forward statement pieces. Nonetheless, there are always things we unanimously agree on, and this season’s fashion is no exception. 

To prove it, I recently slid into the group chat to get a sense of what trends the team felt were definitely in and out for spring and summer. While the jury is still out on some, there was, overall, more concurring than clashing. To see, read about, and shop the trends we’re all backing for the months ahead (and find out which we’re not) simply keep scrolling.