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The Best Spa Kits (2022)

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Spa kit for pampering

Spa kit for pampering

Life can be tough considering the increased competition and restlessness emblematic of our current moment. A few hours of relaxation can be worthwhile and everyone needs a few moments of calm and serenity for unwinding after daily responsibilities. And you’ll be glad to hear spending a ton of money isn’t necessary for enjoying a unique spa experience at home. There are some simple tips and tricks for creating the ultimate relaxing spa environment in your home, helping you or a loved one practice a little self care.

The small tools and scents can provide a great benefit to your skin and be helpful soothing your mind. You can start by purchasing one of the premiere spa kits in 2022. These kits may vary in size and products, so choosing one suiting your requirements will take some consideration. Therefore, we’ve included a comprehensive buying guide at the end, helping you create a restful and relaxing atmosphere while making an informed decision with confidence.

Top picks

Best Packaging: Spa Luxetique Store Bath Baskets for Women

Spa kit with body lotion, bath salt, bath bombs

Spa kit with body lotion, bath salt, bath bombs

at Amazon

This basket is ideal for lavender lovers and made with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and sunflower seed oil.

The lavender essential oils help with locking in moisture to your skin, keeping it nourished. The soothing scent is long-lasting, offering a calming effect on your soul. This product includes a bubble bath, shower gel, two bath bombs, body butter, body lotion, a bath puff and bath salts. It is a highly versatile collection with all the basic products required for spa treatment. The products come in a plastic basket shaped like a tub, making it a fun and perfectly suited gift for your loved ones.

Key Features:

Great Value: Body & Earth Store Gifts for Women

spa kit with shower gel

spa kit with shower gel

at Amazon

Here is another gift idea for your lovely mother, including all the essential spa products in one beautiful basket.

This kit includes a bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, hand lotion, bath scrub, essential oils, a bath bomb, bath salts, shampoo bar and a flower pouf. The products are made from nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and sunflower seed oil, specifically beneficial for people with dry skin. The products include essential oil with lavender scent, creating a comforting aroma and making your spa experience fun and fulfilling. This basket collection has caught the attention of multiple users, and most of them left reviews saying they ordered the product due to its basket packaging. On the other hand, some users complained they did not receive the basket at all, which is potentially disappointing, especially as a gift.

Key Features:

Cruelty-Free: BFF Love Gifts for Women

spa kit with hand cream

spa kit with hand cream

at Amazon

Let’s dig into another one of our top picks made from nourishing and natural ing
redients. This set contains moisturizing ingredients infused with vitamin E and essential oils.

The collection includes five products, all of which are 100% cruelty-free and are naturally formulated for a premium and authentic spa experience. The products come packed in a beautiful box, making them suitable for gifts for an adoring mother. Unlike the previous products, this product offers a cherry blossom scent that is long-lasting and romantic. The picture in an advertisement may appear misleading, the product is not as large as it seems in the picture.

Key Features:

Includes Bath Bombs: Aofmee Bath Bombs

spa kit with bathbombs for kids

spa kit with bathbombs for kids

at Amazon

Bath bombs are a crucial part of the kinds of collections, so here is a product that includes some awesome bath bombs.

This kit is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthday parties, Christmas and more. The pack includes seven different scents and colors and each bath bomb is handcrafted, weighing around 2.5 oz and is two inches in diameter. You can soak away the cares of the day with a refreshing bath bomb, including aromatherapy inspired scents. These bath bombs indulge and moisturize your skin, making it look younger. And the bath bombs won’t leave colors on your skin or make cleaning the tub a hassle.

Key Features:

Most Variety: Freeman Limited Edition Scrub & Glow

scrub and glow spa kit

scrub and glow spa kit

at Amazon

The last collection on our list offers the most products, including 0.24 oz mask sachets, a bonus silicon scrubber, 1.5 fl oz mask tubes, a spa headband, a silicone mask applicator and a makeup removal towel.

The mask helps with cleansing, renewing, exfoliating, pore cleansing and much more. It is a perfect package for a spa treatment, helping mothers, daughters, wives and any other loved ones have a relaxing respite. There are multiple varieties with the masks – like sweet tea and lemon, cucumber, avocado and oatmeal, pomegranate, volcanic ash, watermelon and aloe and more.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Includes 10 mask sachets and six mask tubes

  • Parabens, sulfates and silicone-free

A buying guide to the ultimate spa kits

DIY spa tips

Parlors and spas can provide a soothing escape and a respite from the daily grind but they can also be expensive. Now you can enjoy the same level of comfort at home with these simple spa tips. If you have an important event coming up or if you are just bogged down from work, these essential tips will help you escape the doldrums and find tranquility:

Preparing your skin

Prepping your skin is vital before applying any beauty regiments or cosmetics. A cleansing and exfoliation session can help with prepping your skin. Using products suitable for your particular skin type is vital; for instance, if you have dry skin, moisturizing products are extremely important.

Hair removal tips

If you intend on shaving hair before treating your skin, opt for a shaving cream that’s gentle and leaves your skin smooth. And ensure you’re using the ideal tool for removing hair, depending on the hair removal area like eyebrows, arms and more..

Enjoy a manicure and pedicure at home

Refreshing your fingers and toes can positively affect your whole look, and it’s simple with easy to use pedicure and manicure tools. You can shop for a few of your favorite nail polish colors and a DIY manicure and pedicure kit. For ensuring your mani and pedi deliver optimal results, use the following tips:

  • Before beginning, ensure you have quality nail clippers, nail filers, cotton pads, nail polish and a foot scrubber

  • Use the nail filer and clipper for shaping and trimming your nails. Remember to use a gentle nail polish remover beforehand

  • Soaking feet before painting toenails can relieve pain in your feet. Ideally, soak for around 15 to 20 minutes in warm water, reducing swelling and soothing pain. Additionally, you can add some essential oils or bath salts, enhancing comfort

  • Once you apply nail color, please wait for it to dry before adding a topcoat.

  • In the end, moisturize your feet, adding heat if you have dry skin

Spa products that add a special touch

Once you have picked a suitable space, comforting music and a few other things to create a soothing ambiance, ensure you have the following tools to complete your home spa day:

  • Neck pillow: a neck pillow helps you feel relaxed, supporting your head while your skin is revived. There are multiple versions of neck pillows; for instance, you can get a supportive scented pillow if you crave aromas, or you can opt for a soft, squishy pillow if you prefer extra support

  • Gel eye mask: under eye circles can be a hassle for many people, you can use a cooling gel eye mask, reducing puffiness

  • Jade roller: relaxing your facial muscles is just as important as relaxing your hands and feet, so a jade roller is a bonus in these kinds of collections. These handy beauty tools will add cost but also provide a great deal of comfort

  • Bath salts: if you want to add some additional benefits to your bath, bath salts are a must-have. The
    se soothing and scented sea salts work to smooth your skin and make the atmosphere more refreshing

  • Facial headbands: when applying a mask to your face, you will want to keep hair controlled, so a facial headband becomes a necessity

  • Spa slippers: a pair of cushy and soft slippers can work brilliantly on your spa day, protecting your feet while keeping them warm and comfy

  • Massagers: a foot massage is essential for most people on a self care day. The tool relaxes your feet and calves, allowing you to enjoy the experience. There are multiple types of foot massagers, and you can also find some for your back or neck, helping release those pesky knots in muscles

  • Essential oil diffuser: once you have your favorite essential oils, you will need an oil diffuser for releasing these scents throughout the space. It is optimal to diffuse one oil at a time, but you can also use a combination of different oils from the same fragrance group

Skin care tools

  • Gua Sha stone: a smooth stone made from quartz or jade, it helps improve blood circulation, keeping your skin looking fresh and radiant

  • Facial massage roller: massaging your face is one of the most rewarding spa treatments, and it also increases blood circulation. A facial massage roller can be kept at a cool temperature for an extra relaxing effect during massages

  • Exfoliating sponge: these sponges remove dead skin cells, resulting in clear skin with fewer blemishes

  • Micro-needling tool: this handy tool helps stimulate collagen production in your face, and if you use it regularly, it can help brighten your skin

  • Makeup removing pads: any facial spa treatment will require you remove your makeup first, so getting reusable makeup removing pads is ideal so you can easily prep before indulging yourself

  • Facial cleansing brush: these brushes help with providing skin cleansers a creamy and thick lather. It is a better idea to buy brushes made from bacteria-resistant silicone

Hair care tools

A good home spa day should also incorporate a quality assortment of hair care tools. Here are some essential hair care tools:

  • Hairdryer: once you are done washing your hair, you will need a hairdryer for fast, smooth and frizz-free drying.

  • Diffuser attachment: you can add this attachment to your hairdryer if you have thick hair that takes a long time to dry

  • Curling iron: you will need to style your hair after prepping it, so a curling iron is perfect for getting extra bouncy hair

  • Straightener: if you are not a fan of curly hair, a second option for styling your hair is a straightener. It also helps in flattening hair cuticles

  • Round brush: when you want to add volume to your hair, a round brush becomes necessary. It is better to look for brushes that are delicate on hair, like boar bristle brushes

Massage tools

Massaging is the ideal way to comfort and relax your muscles, and luckily there are multiple self-massaging tools on the market. Some tools might help you on your self care day include:

  • Thera cane

  • Foot rollers

  • Back and spine massagers

  • Thumb massagers

  • Band roller massagers

People also asked

When is it not suitable to give someone a spa kit?

If someone is prone to allergies, a spa kit might not be the ideal gift.

How to organize a DIY spa kit?

You can build your collection around a theme like spa tools for hair, massage tools and more. You can also theme a collection around a specific scent like lavender, rose and more.

Can I make spa products at home?

Yes, there are multiple recipes for making various spa products at home, like bath bombs and sugar scrubs.