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Staycation Ideas by Zodiac Sign

LBR: you need a vacation. Whomst among us does not feel completely burned out after almost a year of COVID-19 restrictions? Whether you’re already planning an international vacay with 30 of your closest friends or just daydreaming about seeing a movie in theaters again, you’re not alone. Of course, we can’t do either of those things just yet. But please consider: le staycation.

Whether you’re feeling COVID fatigue or you’re sick of, you know, living at home, working at home, and eating at home 24/7, here’s a way to shake it off and inject some F.U.N. into your cal. For best results, we recommend no email, no worrying, no cleaning, and no laundry. Find out the perf plans for your zodiac sign:

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ARIES: Get outside.

You love fresh air and open skies, Aries, so a day outside will lift your spirits. Doing what? Depending on what time of year it is, there are a few different options. Winter? Bundle up and go for a gorgeous walk to take in the wonderland, or better yet, go sledding or ice skating. Spring fever? Hit up the park and look at the new blooms. Summer heat? Plan a beach day and play some volleyball or tan. Autumn? Hunt for apples or fly a kite. The break from reality will recharge you mind, body, and spirit.

TAURUS: Go on a taste tour.

As the biggest foodie in the zodiac, you’d be the first one to plan an exotic restaurant tour on a vacation, but what about all the hidden gems in your own city? Spend a weekend mapping out several different food or wine hotspots that you haven’t tried before and then get takeout. You’re a creature of habit and you love your favorite spots (shocker), but this plan will give you plenty of new experiences—and treats—to feast upon!

GEMINI: Design your own film festival.

As a connoisseur of hit shows, trashy TV, and the newest films, you’re usually up-to-date on what everybody’s gossiping about on Netflix and HBO Max. What better way to take a journey into new stories than organizing a build-your-own film festival? Plan out an all-night horror extravaganza, a nostalgic Disney marathon, or a Timothée Chalamet retrospective. Don’t forget the movie theater-size candy and popcorn!

CANCER: Plan a picnic.

As the zodiac’s homebody, you’re always ready to throw an impromptu dinner party. But since you can’t do that right now, why not organize an elaborate outdoor picnic? If it’s nice out, bring lemonade and a picnic blanket (perfect for the ‘gram) and visit your favorite park, toss a frisbee, or watch the sunset. If it’s cold out, bring an outdoor heater and a thermos full of cocoa. And if it’s really gross out, have a picnic in your living room with just the people who live with you. Don’t forget flowers to give it that natural ~ambiance~!

LEO: Compete in a game tournament

You love light-hearted fun, Leo, and you have just a bit of a competitive streak, so what better way to bring friends or the fam together than organizing a game tournament? This could be a nostalgic board game night or an intense video games competition, or anything in between. This way you’ll keep your friends on their toes as you laugh, gossip, and take your mind off the day-to-day blahs.

VIRGO: Craft all day.

You love to organize events—you spend weeks planning all the important details—so why not use your creativity and collaboration for a craft day? Glitter? Check. Watercolors? Duh. Stamps? Not just for kids! If you’re inviting your roomies, each person can bring a different type of craft, or you can orchestrate the whole day around a theme, like collaging. Let your imagination be free!

LIBRA: Splurge for a hotel.

You crave pleasure, luxury, and decadence, and you’re not afraid to spend a little extra cash on a fab experience. Consider: Getting a hotel room for a night or two. Even if it feels silly to rent a room just a short walk away from where you live, does your home have room service, a Jacuzzi, and a perfectly made bed? This brief reprieve should have you feeling like you the royalty that you are. Make sure you ask for a room with a view!

SCORPIO: Two words: Spa day.

It’s time to get steamy, sensual, and…naked? The perf staycation for you, Scorpio, is all about enjoying that ~spa life.~ Can’t hit a luxury spa? No problem. This is something you can even enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Draw up a warm bubble bath—don’t forget the essential oils, crystals, candles, and bath bombs, obvi—and hang your snuggly robe on the door. Mud masks? Serums? Hair mask? At-home mani and pedi? All can be yours, Scorp. Just plan ahead and so that the day comes, you’re ready to give your body and spirit some ~love.~

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SAGITTARIUS: Go camping. Or “camping.”

Of all the zodiac signs, you crave a change of scenery the most, Sagittarius! This is why a simple camping adventure could give you the reboot you need. So, like, yeah: Literally pitch a tent! In your backyard. Or in your living room, with blankets. Who cares! Obvi you’ll want to enjoy some camping outdoorsy fun, too, whether it’s putting food on a skewer, eating BBQ, chasing fireflies, or even just watching the stars (yes, it counts if they’re even just on your TV).


You’re known to be quite the workhorse, Cap—you have a hard time unplugging from work emails, texts, and calls. Especially if you’ve been in the WFH slay. Yet there is a way you can enjoy a reset. Consider staying at an AirBNB nearby for a day or two, especially if it’s the kind of house you’ve always been curious about. A rustic home? One with a lot of history? Maybe one with a huge yard? Or one with a stunning view? All could bring you the sense of peace and harmony you desire. Make sure you put your phone on airplane mode.

AQUARIUS: Pretend to be a tourist in your own town.

There’s a million little gems locked in your town, Aquarius. What better way to give you a fresh perspective on your life and city than to pretend you’re a tourist and hit up all the sights? Plan a bike, walk, or driving tour and hit up anything that makes the place you live~unique.~ Consider museums, parks, historical landmarks, shops, anything you haven’t seen yet.

PISCES: Create your own retreat.

Mystical Pisces have a special ability to tap into the energy of the world around them. Design your own treat to get in touch with your spiritual side. Unplug from the world by taking yoga classes over Zoom, spend some time journaling, brush up on your tarot skills, or fill your day with different meditations. Give your mind, body, and spirit a moment to slow down and be at peace.

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