12/06/2024 3:10 PM


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So What – Now What?

I decided to share my thoughts in this article because every week I spend the day with Oprah and Super Soul Sunday. God I love that show! But very seldom do we get to take an up close and personal journey with someone as they reach for Oprah’s life experience. We always see the final product and maybe photos or videos of how they arrived there. But audiences should be able to experience the journey, as it happens! The beauty of watching her is that she is one of us… Fierce over 50! And make no mistake that IS the sort of success I’m going for! My personal challenge is, I would never have thought at age 58, I would have lost my home, marriage, business, not have a steady paycheck and returning to the dating scene!

Now, I realize this is just another part of our life journey. And being a child of show business I’ve chosen to call it ACT 2… Now What? My ACT 1 has been a wonderful journey (well… up until the whole no home, no husband and no business) and I’ve been blessed on many levels. I’ve performed on Broadway in hit shows one which was Smokey Joe’s CafĂ© for which I received a Tony Award Nomination. I’ve performed in CHICAGO on Broadway alongside wonderful co-stars like Rita Wilson, USHER, BeBe Neuwirth, Brian McKnight, Lisa Rinna and Patty LaBelle. But nothing really prepares you for this sort of turn in your life… over 50!

I’ve always wanted to be an example for women in their ACT 2 journey. There are millions of women going through the exact same thing. It’s nothing new but there are more and more women deciding to enter their ACT 2 by re-defining themselves. Not by “going gently into that goodnight” They just need a helping hand and a FIERCE pair of pumps… gotta have my pumps!!

So here I am entering ACT 2 in all my glory (and those days that make you say WHAT THE… ?!). But I feel if I share my ups and downs it just might make the journey for other women a little easier. I want our journey to be taken with grace, humor and fun! At least you know anything is possible and you’re not alone.

I sure know I have questions, thoughts, fears and new emotions (some of which change second by second) that I would love to share and get feedback.

My question of the day is, when did YOU realize your life had shifted into ACT 2? Was it so gradual that you didn’t feel it or was it as abrupt as hearing the equivalent of “they’ve decided to go younger!”.

A gradual shift into ACT 2 seems so humane. While hearing that “going younger” phrase, especially for an actress, is quite devastating! Especially since you just knew you were still ALL THAT! Now don’t get me wrong I still know I’m “all that” just in a different way!

On a good day I can still get all dolled up (takes a little longer but… ) go out with friends and have a great time! I can calmly tell myself “The Creator has not sent a loving partner to me yet because I have things to do to prepare myself for my “new life” That mindset usually works but there are days when nothing I can tell myself makes me feel better. There are emotions that come up that I can’t explain and then leave just as quickly and the words “hot flash” has several new meanings!

A bad day could include crying, depression, insecure feelings, feeling unattractive, loneliness, I’m ugly, I’m fat and the ever popular I’ll never have sex again! That last one is a whole other blog in itself. But all you can think is “please don’t make me get up take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed unless there’s Butter Pecan or Cookies and Cream involved!

Anyhoo, I hope this journey we take together is mind blowing or at least a gentle place to land. In any case let’s…

Stay Fierce!