12/06/2024 9:42 PM


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Shop the viral ‘Missing Person’ Phlur perfume, now back in stock

If you’ve been missing out on this viral perfume, now is your chance to finally get a whiff of why everyone is so obsessed.

From Phlur, Missing Person is a hit fragrance, and for a crazy reason. Those who smell it have all said that the scent reminds them of a loved one’s skin, or a beloved memory, which is super crazy when you think about it.

After being sold out for months, it is finally back in stock, in both a full-sized bottle ($96) and a travel-sized spray ($26.)

We suggest grabbing both now, as we think this will be missing yet again from shelves, due to its cult following.

We first heard about the perfume on TikTok, after multiple users reviewed the scent, some reminiscent of past loves, while others tested it on current significant others — all of whom had amazing reactions.

Not to spoil the ending, but after this video from Rachel Rigler went viral, she then tested it on her boyfriend, who was also shocked that the scent smelled like Rachel, “fresh out of the shower,” he said.

For those who have yet to try it, while the scent is hard to explain, the website does a pretty good job.

“Brought to life by comforting accords of white musk, enhanced by sheer floral nuances of jasmine and glowing orange blossom and fused with a light trail of soft transparent woods, Missing Person is pure, provocative and undeniably familiar,” reads the product page.

A bottle of Missing person pink perfume

“This is an extremely intriguing scent. I had to buy a sample right away because I wasn’t sure what nude would smell like, but I generally like smells that claim they are “nude”. This is TRULY a nude scent. It definitely smells like a clean skin,” reads a recent review.

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