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Sherwani trends of 2021 – Times of India

The past year has been a dampener of sorts for celebrations, especially weddings. Though cosy, intimate weddings are also becoming a trend, 2021 is expected to be the year of big celebrations and larger weddings. While brides have always been the centre of attention, thanks to their sartorial choices, men have now been bitten by the style bug and are ruling the parties and social dos.

Women adore a well-dressed male, whether he’s flaunting a sharp tuxedo or a classic sherwani. During the wedding season, sherwani takes the front row. We got in touch with Ravi Gupta, owner and creative designer, Gargee Designers to list out the sherwani trends of 2021 and here’s what he had to say:

bandhgala (3)

Classic bandhgala

The trend for the year is stylish sherwanis to make a strong statement of personal style. Classic bandhgala sherwanis are for the straightforward chic groom.

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Embroidered sherwani

2021 is also the year, when handcrafted and embroidered sherwanis will be most in vogue. They give the traditional attire an elegant touch.


Fusion sherwani

Indo-western styles, such as cross-chest bandhagalas, achkan styles for length, embroidered chest designs with modern placement and safas, are some of the trends we will see at most weddings.

Printed badhgala

Printed bandhgalas are also perfect to give a distinct touch to the groom’s style. They can make the entire look more dressy.

Floral prints are also in demand and are also making a large impact in the fashion industry for men.

“Grooms this year can make a style statement by embracing the new trends. We have seen that grooms and men, in general, are well aware of fashion in their category. They have a good idea of what their personal taste is. They like their attire to look on point for a specific occasion. Having said that, grooms understand that trends can also be something that might restrict their style. We often take various designs and blend them to suit the groom’s body type and personal style,” says Ravi.

“This year’s colour by Pantone is Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (yellow), which can be used as the theme for the entire wedding. The groom’s attire can be filled with combinations and patterns that complement his personal style. The colours create a vibe that’s perfect for the celebrations. Textured and monotone embroidery on sherwani is the best trend for the year,” adds Ravi.

Whatever said and done, sherwani is one trend that a groom can never go wrong with. Agree, boys?