03/03/2024 3:49 AM


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Perfume shopping is a breeze at Sundora

The brand provides world-renowned perfumes and cosmetics, and promises a no-pressure shopping experience

What is unfortunate about most perfume buying experiences is that you can’t smell-test every perfume on offer. Not only this, you are also usually faced with sales people who are incentivized to push the sale of products regardless of your tastes and preferences.

Sundora ensures that you are not faced with these obstacles when shopping at one of its retail stores, with a vision of offering its shoppers with an opportunity to “experience true beauty”.

“We have indeed created a best in class retail environment where customers can comfortably browse and test perfumes from a wide range of prestigious international brands,” notes Business Development Manager, Marc Thiry.

Thiry says Sundora has experienced and trained in-store fragrance consultants to guide consumers throughout their purchase journey.

Sundora is an authorized and official retailer for more than 40 international beauty and perfume brands in Bangladesh, and is a sister brand of the Bangladesh-based perfume and cosmetics distributor Bestin Brands.

Sundora talks it and walks it

Sundora strives to offer a more accessible shopping experience for all of its customers, one designed to be low-pressure and pleasant for its shopper.

In-store assistants are specifically trained to refrain from push-selling. Instead, Sundora seeks for its clients to have the freedom to explore the store, just like you would in a high-quality international brand shop. Put simply, assistance is provided when sought at Sundora. This approach helps achieve a more personalized shopping environment, effectively inciting customers to buy products they really want, without the hindrance of a sales assistant hovering over their shoulders.

Furthermore, there is no blind buying, the cardinal sin for any fragrance lover. For every product available at the store, tester bottles are provided for visitors to try out. For Sundora, this sets its brand apart from its competitors. 

Not only that, to make this premium experience truly unique, customers receive free samples as gifts with every purchase made.

“Sundora considers that purchasing perfumes shouldn’t simply be limited to buying over the counter just like other mass products,” said Marc Thiry; “It should be a wholesome experience.”

The wholesome experience

Part of the Sundora experience is its VIP membership program, under which members are invited to exclusive and pre-launch events, and can also benefit from promotional offers with every purchase.

That said, none of this would matter without the integrity of the products. Providing authentic products from world-renowned brands is inherently built into Sundora’s core business model.

Sundora offers a wide variety of authentic perfumes starting from budget-friendly brands such as United Colors of Benetton, Shakira, Antonio Banderas, and Karl Lagerfeld; to mid-range brands such as Paco Rabanne, Coach, Bvlgari, and Lanvin; to the top niche brands such as Amouage, Acqua di Parma, Kilian, Xerjoff, Parfums de Marly, and Montale at international retail prices.

To add to that, cosmetics falls into mix, with organic brands such as Juice Beauty and John Masters Organics on offer. Sundora’s aim for the new year is to increase its offering for beauty, skincare, and make-up products.

Similar to world class retail shops, Sundora offers promotional deals for its customers on occasions, including at the time of all major holidays such as Eid, Puja, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. These deals are available both via its physical and online stores!

Sundora online

In addition to its in-store offering, Sundora provides online buying options through its website. Much of Sundora’s success, the brand says, is due to its “on-point digital customer experience.”

“We serve our customers through a fast and user-friendly e-commerce website powered by an intuitive search bar where they can browse through a large collection of products,” said E-Commerce Manager, Sardar Somee.

Customers buying from home also receive free samples. Sardar says that it is an effortless experience to order any product and receive through delivery  at the comfort of your home. The platform is supported by a secured online payment gateway service that enables payments from all the major banks, credit cards and digital payment partners in Bangladesh. Cash on delivery service is also available.

That said, if you want to take advantage of Sundora’s in-store buying experience, there are now three outlets customers can visit: one in Gulshan and two in Banani. With the positive and passionate response from the fragrance-lovers community in Bangladesh, Sundora is planning to open more stores in the busy areas of Dhaka by the end of 2021.

Sundora website is available at: www.sundora.com.bd