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Midweek blues hitting you hard? Here’s how you can pamper yourself by indulging in the right beauty routine

We all have those days when no matter what ways you try to give yourself a  ‘pick me up,’ you still feel extremely burnt out and tired. These are the times you need to take a step back and give yourself the pampering you need. Sometimes, instead of going all out with new ways to calm yourself, you need to take care of your body and listen to it. Beauty routines and a good spa day is all you need to destress from those mid-week blues. A skincare and haircare routine with the perfect combination of calming steps can just be the thing you’re looking for. 

Calming haircare routine: 

There’s nothing that a head massage can’t solve. All you need to do it pick out the kind of hair oils that work for you. Our favourite concoction is coconut and almond oil that helps in keeping the scalp and hair moisturised. For that extra bit of guilty please, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Lavender oil works best in de-stressing and gives you the calming effect you need. 

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How to:

1. Start by warming up the oils and once done, add a few drops of the essential oils you need. 

2. Now, you can either massage your scalp on your own or ask your favourite person to do it for you. Massaging not only helps you calm down but also takes away the built-up tension around your neck and shoulders. 

3. Massage for at least 20 minutes and tie your hair up in a bun while you get to your skincare routine. 

Calming skincare routine:

Now that you’ve released the built-up tension, it’s time to pamper your skin. When you’ve been stressed the first thing that people often is to take care of the skin. This often results in stress pimples and acne. Now, who would want that? 

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– Start by cleansing your face and don’t forget to clean those pores with the right scrub. Here, gentle strokes in circular motions is advised. 

– Once you’ve scrubbed your face, grab a few ice cubes and run it all over your face. You’ll see how it instantly calms you down and takes your mind off the stress. Ice is a great way to tighten your pores making it a perfect addition in your beauty routine. 

– Once you’re through with the ice, it’s time to let your skin feel pampered. Here sheet masks come in handy! My little trick here would be to pop the mask in the freezer for a few minutes before you apply it to your face. 

– While the masking routine continues, you can pick out your favourite music or use your favourite scented candle to take your mind off the week. Happy spa day! 

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