12/06/2024 9:26 PM


Crackle Fashion

Maude Apatow on Attending the Met Gala 2022 and the Story Behind Her Dazzling Cartier Jewels

To complete the look, Apatow went for a choker-style Cartier necklace bedecked with dozens of diamonds, as well as a flower brooch from 1939 to pin back her hair, teased into vampy, Old Hollywood-inspired waves. “Cartier brought me so many options for jewelry and it was an honor to wear them,” she says, noting that upon seeing the necklace for the first time, she was all but speechless. “It took my breath away, honestly!” Apatow says. “The choker style added a modern layer to the look, and I loved the special details that made it unique, like the diamonds down the center.”

While Apatow is quickly becoming something of a pro at the red carpet getting-ready process, she needed to soothe her nerves ahead of the big night. “My getting-ready process needed to be calm but fun,” she says. “I actually got together with my glam team the night before to do a little dress rehearsal—we all tossed around ideas and it was a fun and collaborative process.” All the same, nothing could quite prepare her for the overwhelming clamor of the Met red carpet itself. “I was so nervous beforehand—but it actually went by really fast, and it wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be,” she says. “I tried to breathe through it!”