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Logan Square spa specializes in waxing, skin care and hair removal

The Wax & Skin Lounge in Logan Square specializes in customized services to enhance skin

CHICAGO — How about kicking things up a notch this Mother’s Day? The Wax & Skin Lounge in Logan Square goes far beyond a traditional spa experience specializing in the art of full body waxing, hair removal, and advanced skin care treatments. All services are on location in the trendy and upscale setting.

“What separates us for skin care services is our consultations, we use a machine that takes pictures of the layers of your skin,” owner Lorena De Oliveria said.

One of the more unique experiences is skin consultation. They have a machine on-site that provides images of the layers of skin, such as vascularity, inflammation and pigmentation. They use this imagery to show what’s happening with the skin beyond the surface layer.

Wax & Skin Lounge in Logan Square

This information and technology provide a customizable course of suggested treatment options for the present day while devising a plan of home and clinical care for the next five years based on results.

Outside of the skin treatment, they offer an exclusive three-stop system waxing experience. They pride themselves on using 100% vegan hard and soft wax with all services. They offer all hair removal on all parts of the body.

“We wax everything from head to toe, that’s what we specialize in,” De Oliveira said. 

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