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Life Is Carefree At CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa

CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa is a destination resort in Carefree, a 30-minute scenic drive from Phoenix or Scottsdale in beautiful Arizona. Carefree, a delightful and historic small town stays true to its namesake with stunning sunsets, a desert oasis in every direction and a calmer lifestyle that you feel in your soul. There could not be a more perfect location than the Sonoran Desert for CIVANA, whose philosophy is to focus on happiness first and welcomes travellers from around the world in search of wellness. CIVANA’s intentions are to provide time and space to awaken the soul, free the mind and connect on a deeper level.

“Like other destination wellness resorts, we have the healthy aspects covered – nutrition, fitness, rest, healing. The CIVANA difference is we take to heart the “and” that separates”healthy and happy.” We never want to forget that the wellness journey is as personal as one’s own happiness – one’s unique sense of wellbeing, joy, and fulfillment.” CIVANA

There are multiple ways to find inner happiness at CIVANA with over a dozen complimentary classes daily guests can experience including hikes, yoga, and spiritual healing workshops. When you are done healing your mind and soul you can nourish your body with healthy food from the earth at two innovative restaurants.

Habit Of Happiness – Joyful Journey

This transformational interactive workshop will bring you joy if you open your heart and mind to new possibilities. The class explores various ways to hardwire your brain for happiness through the power of meditation, journaling, and positive psychology. Learn that when you are open to new possibilities, living in the moment, and are able to free your mind from stress and worry, the possibilities are endless. There is no judgment in this workshop and it’s a very supportive environment where you can move at your own pace on a journey towards happiness.

Labyrinth Meditation Walk – Inner Peace

Stroll through the unique Saguaro Garden winding around CIVANA towards the meditation Labyrinth. Take off your shoes and be fully present before beginning your mindful trip weaving through the labyrinth of stones to awaken your senses. Set your intention before you start walking to live a more present, grateful, and awe-inspired life (or choose your own intention). Be aware of your surroundings and your breath as you walk over the rough sand under the shining sun. Carry a small rock and delicately balance it on top of the rock pile when you get to the end. It’s the perfect time to manifest future goals.

Sunset Sound Healing – Spiritual Awakening

Sunset Sound Healing takes place on the yoga lawn with spectacular views. Blankets are distributed and guests wrap up in cocoons because the desert gets chilly when the stars and moon appear. There were about 20 participants and our inspiring instructor, sound healer Rebecca Wierman, began by leading everyone through breathing exercises followed by soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls and chimes. Once participants are in a meditative state there is a booming paiste symphonic gong that can only be described as extremely powerful and mesmerizing. The idea is to clear and cleanse your energy and open your mind to possibilities of healing and connect to the earth. At the end of the class Wierman encourages us to be kind to ourselves, let our voices be heard, and sends out powerful love and energy to everyone.

Healthy Food – Nourish Your Body

There are two restaurants at CIVANA and both are warm and inviting. Seed Café + Market is perfect for nourishing smoothies to start your day, but don’t worry, there is coffee if you crave caffeine. Seed serves mostly plant-based dishes packed with superfoods and rich with nutrients to help kick start your path to optimal health. There are gluten free, grain free, vegan, vegetarian, anti-inflammatory, and gut friendly options to choose from. After the sun goes down and your stomach starts rumbling from the adventurous hike you did through the Sonoran Desert, head over to Terras. This is CIVANA’s signature dinner destination serving fresh dishes inspired by locally sourced ingredients. There is a strong emphasis on farm-to-table produce and a broad range of menu options with plenty of vegan dishes such as mouth-watering Hearts of Palm ‘Crab’ Cakes made entirely from plants, smashed avocado with hemp seeds, and achiote cauliflower served over Mexican quinoa and lentils. Sit inside among modern décor or outside next to a roaring fire with stunning cactus.

Chef Ashley Reese has been busy creating a new menu incorporating vegetable steaks using cauliflower and butternut squash in addition to the maitake mushrooms already on the menu.

“We are very plant forward at CIVANA. It’s about quality ingredients and sustainability without the use of preservatives.” – Chef Ashley Reese

Daily Reset Gratitude Circle – Appreciate Life

End your day with gratitude. Head to the beautiful rose garden for this powerful sunset ritual with other guests and colleagues and take turns speaking about what you are grateful for. It’s a time to bring closure to the events of the day and pay tribute to blessings. Perhaps the most meaningful part of the gratitude circle is that day it was led by the kind staff member that helped me with my bags at check-in. He referred to himself as CIVANA’s bellman and explained with a smile that staff fill in when needed. Not only did he brilliantly lead the gratitude circle but participated with the rest of us. The more gratitude you offer, the more you will receive.