Duration: 06:05

JESSICA ALVES, formally known as Roddy Alves, is a worldwide media personality who continues her sensational journey to becoming a woman – and now, she’s revealing her new image to her close friend. In 2020, Jessica had face feminization surgery, a nose job, lip lift and breast implants to continue her ‘perfect’ look. Although, when it comes to fashion, Jessica is finding it hard figuring out what woman she wants to be. Jessica told Truly: “My decision making about what to wear is very difficult! Being a female and being a woman, there are so many styles and colours and textures to choose from! It is very difficult.” Jessica loves going into shops, trying on outfits and seeing what the latest trends are as well as spending time in beauty salons to keep up with her beauty regime. “I live a very healthy lifestyle, I eat very healthily and I use good moisturisers. But I love going to beauty salons to have my hair, lashes and nails done. I have been transitioning for a year so this is all very new to me.” Jessica goes to the salon at least twice a week to meet other women and exchange beauty tips, learn new tricks and says it’s like therapy for her. Jessica told Truly: “Also, there’s a lot of gossip going on in the salon and I find that very amusing.” The beauty salon is the ideal place for Jessica to find time to catch up with her girlfriends and she recently arranged to meet one of her closest friends, Cherryl, who Jessica has not seen since her transition. “Cherryl is wonderful and I’ve known her for about 10 years. Always wearing nice beautiful dresses, a very nice gentle lady with very nice mannerism. Today it is the first time that Cherryl’s actually going to get to see me as a woman and I wonder what’s going to be her reaction. There is no better place to meet a girlfriend than a beauty salon!”