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Interstellar – Movie Review

Interstellar – Movie Review

What if, in a future time not too remote, the Earth’s resources were about to finish? In a world like this, existence becomes an everyday fight and humanity would give up on their explorer’s role in order to become just caretakers. No more engineers are needed, but farmers, since food is running out. Even NASA has to exist in secret, since space travel’s costs would not be tolerated by public opinion. This time, our planet is not intended to be saved, it’s intended to be abandoned. A group of NASA’s scientists chooses Cooper – now a farmer who once was an engineer and NASA pilot – to lead an interstellar expedition out of our galaxy in order to find another planet suitable to host human life. If the plan’s successful, people on Earth will be transferred on their new home. If any problem occurs, plan B is to repopulate the new world in order to permit to human species to continue existing, leaving Earth’s population to their destiny.

Director Christopher Nolan realizes another impressive work, facing science fiction genre in a really original way. He renews his constant aim for ambitious projects, and even this time, we are not disappointed. Like his main character Cooper, one world seem not to be enough for Nolan, so here he goes, leading us towards the stars, imagining a world where traveling through time and space and reaching Saturn or exploring new planets out of our Solar System is no more a dream, but a possibility.

Special effects are remarkable too. As it was for Inception, even here the land bends and curves: space – like time – becomes relative. And since on Earth time runs faster than in Space, for Cooper the mission – after a few unexpected turns that make the crew lose decades on Earth- soon becomes a condemnation to probably not seeing his kids again. In addition, the group of scientists discovers the strong inhospitality of the spatial lands for human life. Wandering blindly in an unknown and still mysterious Space, which laws are stranger to humanity, love becomes the quantifiable bridge that leads to a solution, the God who transcends time and space and moves the stars.

Interstellar is a movie that will get stuck on you for days. It’s a movie to watch because of the beauty and the melancholia of the Universe portrayed by Nolan, because of the astonishment of interstellar travels made reality. Music really deserve an important merit too, making the perfect comment for every scene. The story’s extraordinary and final turning point leaves us astounded. Nolan picks science fiction drama, physics’ laws and theories about fascinating but unsolved Universe’s mysteries – letting us dream about the possibility for humanity to understand them one day – and combines everything with his unique direction. What you got is a powerful, impressive, memorable movie. See to believe.