19/05/2024 8:48 PM


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How to Wear Shorts to Highlight Your Shape

The star of your summer clothing should be shorts. They are easy staples for countless outfit combinations and are go-to summer savers because they can be worn up or down. Let’s face it though, not all shorts are created equal. Learn which shorts will fit your style and shape the best.

We all wore shorts as kids, and we still enjoyed wearing them in our twenties and thirties. However, for some people, as we become forty, a switch is flipped, and shorts are relegated to the back of our closets. So, today we’re highlighting the top shorts for ladies. These were some of the excuses I’ve previously heard from my readers, however you may have a different one. When it comes to fashion, let’s pay attention to our inner voice.

colored shorts

Can your shorts talk the talk if they can walk the walk? Shorts with prints are a terrific way to spice up any outfit. For our petite ladies, we advise this fit—prints will always grab attention, so embrace it.

Cloth Shorts

Wear a pair of linen shorts to give your legs some breathing room. An athletic or apple shape looks terrific in a pair of A-line tie waist trousers like this one. The brights and neutrals in these casual shorts will elongate your legs. Try wearing them with a contrasting splash of color.

A-Line Shorts

Daisy Duke, back off! At this moment, cut-offs are essentially universal. If your legs are your best feature, wear them short to showcase them or longer, just above the knee. No matter your shape, cut-offs are a fantastic and relaxed favorite to wear all summer long.

Shorts in chino

Chinos are the most structured type of shorts and look excellent on slim and athletic people. With a flowy top and some simple slides, you can counteract the appearance of a structured silhouette that a stiffer fabric gives off.

Banana shorts

Try a simple pattern and a slightly longer length, like the Bermuda, for bigger thighs. For our hourglass- and pear-shaped girls, Bermudas are ideal. Try this look with shorts that skim your waist to highlight your waist; a blouse with a tie front is a nice approach to highlight the coveted hourglass figure.

Baggage shorts

Cargo shorts, indeed. Listen, you can rock them. For those of us with thicker thighs, they are extremely beneficial They are fantastic for all body types. A sleek silhouette and extremely functional appearance are aided by the midrise and thick waistline.

No matter your fit or sense of style, never forget that you can wear anything you choose. Your mindset is the secret to pulling off any appearance, so if you like it? Don it! Don’t undersell yourself (no pun intended).

Let our fashion specialists help you choose a pair of stylish shorts and t–shirt that are ideal for you because life is too short. Order a Fix, take your style assessment, and tell your stylist that you’re looking for a hip pair of shorts.