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How To Attach Cabochons To Cabochon Settings

How To Attach Cabochons To Cabochon Settings

Working with cabochons can be difficult for some jewelry designers. This is because some designers often find it challenging to attach cabochons to their settings. With a few tips at hand, it would be quite easy to attach flower cabochons or any pattern to bases, blanks and different settings altogether. Below are some important tips to keep at your fingertips.

Ensure that the cabochon being used has a flat back.

It is important to always confirm that the cabochon has got a flat back. This is simply because there are a few cabochons that might have curved backs and this would make attaching rather difficult. Keep this in mind more so when dealing with vintage cabochons.

Take time to make sure that the cabochon size matches with the base size

When buying the cabochon for attaching, it is imperative to ensure that you pick the right size matching with the cabochon setting that you have. If the base is slightly bigger then this would not be a big problem. However, if the cabochon is bigger than the base, then this would be a total waste since it cannot be fixed. Therefore, when shopping for cabochons, ensure that you pick the right size matching with the base you have.

Settle for the best adhesive

The most recommended adhesive is the E-6000. Super glue and hot glue are not included in the list. Please! Please! Make certain that you do not use the two products as your adhesive. The best thing about E-6000 is the fact that it is fairly priced and is quite effective.

Cleaning the cabochon and the cabochon setting

Before attaching your cabochon to the setting, it is recommended that you clean the surfaces thoroughly. Once this is done, let the surface dry. Doing this ensures that dirt, dust and oil are removed from the cabochon’s surface as this could affect the attachment you are about to make.

Applying the adhesive

To obtain a firm attachment on the cabochon, the best place to apply the adhesive is the cabochon’s back. Also, make a point of using the right amount of glue on the surfaces you have just cleaned. This avoids spillage from the cabochon’s bottom. If spillage happens, you can use alcohol to wipe glue off.

Making sure the piece is upright

When positioning the cabochon to the base, it is essential that you hold it to guarantee that it sticks on the right position. The angle of drying should also be watched as this might lead to an off centred cabochon.

Give it enough time to dry

Before you rush into wearing your jewelry, give this piece enough time to dry. Letting this dry throughout the night would provide more firmness to the attachment.

With the above tips in mind it would be very easy to attach cabochon to cabochon setting. It is crucial to make sure that the attachment sticks for a long period of time without falling off. Thus, cleaning the surfaces of the cabochon and the base are very important. In addition to this, the adhesive being used should also be considered. Do not forget to let the piece dry overnight.