How one creator learnt to embrace style as self-expression

Andrew M. Santos

Take a quick glance at the social feeds of TV producer and content creator Yas (otherwise known as @yasontheinternet), and it’s hard to believe she ever felt anything other than comfortable in her clothes. But Yas grew up tomboy-ish, feeling like she didn’t fit in with the beauty standards of her hometown in Essex.

It wasn’t until her teens that she discovered getting dressed as a way to signal that difference, to express herself and to channel her mood. These days, Yas’ ultra-covetable wardrobe and achingly cool sense of style (nobody rocks basics-with-a-twist like her) has garnered her an impressive following on social media, proving it does pay off to stand out, after all.

We caught up with her to discuss finding confidence in style, living and shopping more sustainably, and using the power of fashion as a form self-expression.

My style is ever-evolving

yas posing in orange top and cream skirt

“It’s fluid, changing with the mood I wake up in or even how long my hair is. Style is more than just the clothes I wear. It’s a way of communicating who I am to the world. Social media can feel like a bit of a fashion echo chamber, with everyone in the same trends and the same looks. By dressing in a way that expresses who I am, I’m able to create outfits that really feel like an extension of me.

“I also use my clothes to lift my mood – they can be a powerful tool for that. If I don’t feel great, I’ll dress in bright colours or something more structured and tailored; that always makes me feel that little bit more put together and ready to face the day.”

I used to be really conscious about the way I looked


“But I think a lot of the insecurities I had as a teenager helped me solidify my sense of style to where it is now. Growing up, I was self-conscious about looking too skinny – my aunts would tell me I looked like an ironing board! So I tried to hide my body under oversized everything.

“These days, I’ve learned to embrace my body exactly how it is, and I feel really confident in a tee and figure-hugging jeans. But I’ll always have a soft spot for those oversized ‘fits – it’s where my style journey began.”

You can’t go wrong with the classics…


“I’m always drawn to classic pieces that I know will stand the test of time – basics are at the heart of my wardrobe. Stripping it back to wear-forever items has helped me to shop and dress in a more mindful way while connecting with my sense of style more authentically.

“My go-to look is simple: a racer back vest and high-waisted, cuffed jeans. Then, I get creative with the styling: I might go with some cool trainers if I want comfort, or a gorgeous jumper if it’s a little chilly out – all without sacrificing what feels true to me.

“I love H&M for staple pieces; my wardrobe is packed with their vest tops, classic T-shirts and colourful socks. They’re easy to style, fit well and mean I don’t buy into trends that don’t feel like ‘me’.”

I love a blank canvas

“I’m drawn to the earthy tones in the current H&M collection – I’ve spotted lots of cream, brown and beige pieces I like the look of. You can’t go wrong with a neutral palette.

“Neutrals offer a good base, which takes the stress out of getting ready in the morning. They’ll also have a place in your wardrobe for a very long time, as they won’t ever really go out of style. There’s something really chic and understated about keeping it neutral and adding interest with styling choices and unexpected accessories. Fashion should be something that sparks joy and that you have fun with, and a pop of colour with your socks or a hat can really elevate an outfit. For example, right now my hair is pink – that’s the ultimate accessory!”

I’m trying to live and dress more mindfully


“Like so many people, I’m trying to be more sustainable. That means making better choices in the way I shop and in the way I dress. These days, I’ll only buy clothes that I know will stand the test of time and that I’ll get the wear out of.

“I try to care for my clothes properly so I can extend their lifespan. I won’t wash jeans very often (you really don’t need to!) and I fold or hang everything in my wardrobe correctly so that I don’t damage anything. I also keep an eye out for care labels when I shop. I like to check what materials things are made out of – I look for natural or recycled materials.”

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