13/07/2024 7:24 PM


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How Much Should You Spend on Clothes Monthly? Tips To Improve Your Wardrobe and Fashion

If you are passionate about your appearance, you will need to change your wardrobe as much as you can. However, if you are not careful, you can become materialistic and spend all your money on clothes. Here is a guide on how much you should spend on clothes and how you can upgrade your wardrobe:

Spend no more than what you can afford

It is difficult to give a rule of thumb on how much you should spend on clothes. incomes are not equal, and the conditions are different. For instance, someone who makes an income of $9,000 monthly is likely to spend higher on clothes than someone whose total income for the year is that same amount. You cannot afford to be competing with others in terms of buying clothes; some people regularly get high-quality clothes as gifts from their loved ones. it would be futile trying to meet up with that if you are a low-income earner. Generally, experts advise that you should not spend more than 0.5% of what you earn on clothes. You can spend more than this, but your fashion expenses should not set you back financially or be done at the expense of more important things like education, healthcare, food, housing, investments, etc. If you are particular about improving your wardrobe, you can look for budget-friendly ways to do so.

Here are budget-friendly ways to improve your wardrobe and fashion:

Shop at thrift stores

At thrift stores, you can get high-quality second-hand clothes and consignments. If you are thorough with your search, you will find the type of clothes you want. But to make this idea work for you, you have to constantly browse through thrift stores. Getting something that fits you requires you to make multiple trips and not minding improving your wardrobe with the items from thrift stores. To make your efforts easier, try to know the staff at your choice thrift stores. They will serve as your ears and eyes when a new selection is ready. This will also help reduce the many trips you should make to a thrift store. There are many fashion clothes companies where you can get affordable clothing both online and offline. Reading the reviews of the thrift store you want to shop from on us-reviews can go a long way to help you find the right store to patronize.

Learn the art of maintenance

You do not have to trash every cloth that you are not comfortable with all the time. There are various modifications you can make to your clothes. You can always hem frayed cuffs and stitch up the little tears in your jackets, trousers, and skirts. You can adjust a gown or a shirt as well. This does not expand your fashion, but it will save you some money. No rule says you should not repeat clothes; you only need to be creative with doing so. Also, store your clothes well. Your suit will last longer if you put it on a hanger and place it in a wardrobe or bag when you are not using it. You would also protect your clothes from getting molds if you store them in airy places. 

Get a good tailor to sew your clothes

Buying readymade clothes are more expensive than buying the fabrics and getting your tailor to sew them for you. You can go in search of good fibers to buy, you should buy natural fibers. To make your wardrobe more colorful, you can buy them in different patterns, textures, designs, etc. Ensure you choose colors that suit your skin tone. This will make your fashion style more interesting. Choose the styles that suit your body shape and size and get a skilled tailor to sew the fabrics. On the other hand, you can learn how to sew and make good clothes for yourself and your family.

Improve your fashion game

Your fashion style can lag if you do not have a good knowledge of how to make what you have work for you, and not necessarily because you do not have enough clothes. Take time to learn more about fashion. Look out for how good dressers combine colors, patterns, and styles. You can watch videos on YouTube, visit fashion blogs, attend fashion shows, etc. You should also have the accessories that can help upgrade your fashion, such as a pair of cufflinks for a shirt, wristwatches, some pieces of jewelry, perfumes, vanity buttons, etc. Besides this, have a good orientation about yourself. Looking beautiful starts from feeling beautiful. If you appear cowardly in your dressing, you would look inferior; but if you are confident enough, even the little things you wear will be fashionable.