Hamden shopping center riddled with crime

Andrew M. Santos

HAMDEN, Conn. (WFSB) – A Hamden shopping center has become riddled with theft and car-jackings over the past few months. The targets appear to be women.

At the Hamden Plaza, on Friday, an elderly woman was seriously injured after a carjacking and officials say this is just one of multiple thefts in the past month.

The Hamden Police Department says on Friday around 3 p.m. a 74-year-old woman was thrown to the ground during a carjacking at the Hamden Plaza.

The three suspects then fled in the victim’s car.

A ShopRite employee, Christian Rodriguez, says he was there moments after the attack took place.

“I saw the poor old lady laying on the ground and I asked if she was ok, and she was startled and upset and scared. I asked her what happened, and she said some guys came up to her and hit her from behind and took her keys and her car and ran off.,” said Rodriguez.

The victim’s car was later recovered by New Haven Police.

According to Mayor Lauren Garrett, the victim is a Hamden employee who remains in the hospital.

She said they are continuing to address these crimes.

“We are hiring more police officers. I have asked all police officers who are doing reporting to do them in parking lots. So that they are visible.” said Garrett. “When the woman was attacked yesterday there was a police officer right over near Starbucks and there was a security officer on duty at the time. We are doing what we can to keep Hamden safe.”

According to Hamden Police this is just one of four attacks or robberies in the past few months here at the plaza.

On November 1, a 61-year-old woman was attacked from behind, thrown to the ground and had her purse stolen.

Then a few months later on the morning of February 12, an 83-year-old woman was also knocked to the ground by a male who attempted to steal her purse.

Just two days later there were reports of several vehicles with their car windows smashed in with missing items. Residents say security cameras aren’t enough.

Michelle Wilson said, “I don’t think it matters because if we have them now and the crimes are getting worse and the people doing these crimes it just doesn’t matter what’s up its still happening.”

A Hamden shopping center has become riddled with theft and car-jackings over the past few months. The targets appear to be women.

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