Hallmark Debuts Brand New Mystery Movie, Cut, Color, Murder

Hallmark's Cut, Color, Murder

Hallmark’s Cut, Color, Murder

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Take all the salon gossip of Steel Magnolias and add in a murder mystery set within the inner ranks of a beauty pageant and you’ve got Hallmark Movies and Mysteries next big hit.

Cut, Color, Murder introduces us to stylist and salon owner, Ali Bowden, played by Julie Gonzalo. Monarch Beauty Salon is a vibrant hub of the community where Ali has created a haven for her clients to be themselves and occasionally spill their deep, dark secrets. Isn’t that the mark of a good stylist? Someone who can confidently cut your locks while also lending that therapist’s ear. Gonzalo recently spoke to Southern Living about what inspired her character. “How I saw her written on page is the person that you do want to tell things to. She’s quite open and she’s willing to be there for you if there were to be anything she can do to help you. I wanted to embody somebody that you trust.”

The secrets are swirling as much as the hair dye as the ladies in the salon are all preparing for the annual Miss Golden Peak pageant. Ali’s sister Chelsea even decides to enter the competition, but things take a turn when the pageant creator is murdered. Everyone becomes a suspect, including Chelsea. Ali decides she must help clear her sister’s name, so she offers to help the new detective in town, Kyle Crawford. (Played by Ryan McPartlin)

“The best way to find something out, and especially in a small town where everybody knows each other, well who did you go to? You either go to a therapist who is bound to never share insight about anyone, or you go to a hairdresser because they’re bound to know everything about your life. It’s that one hour that you go, and you get beautified. and you spill all your beans. Who better to be in the know, or at side of the investigator but a hairdresser?” Gonzalo explains.

And of course, this being Hallmark, there is a hint of a spark between Ali and Kyle but no actual romance. At least not yet. As of now, this is set to be a singular movie but if it’s well received, we could have a new series to look forward to soon and maybe, just maybe, the sparks will fly.

Tune in for the premiere of Cut, Color, Murder on Sunday, February 6 at 9PM EST on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.