12/06/2024 9:30 PM


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Fashion Outlets Mall of Chicago reopens in Rosemont after one person was shot and killed, girl wounded

The Fashion Outlets of Chicago Mall re-opened Saturday in Rosemont, one day after a fatal shooting.

Rosemont Police said they have watched security video and talked to witnesses. They have one person of interest being questioned in connection with the shooting and believe the shooting was targeted.

When shots rang out inside the Fashion Outlets Mall Friday night at about 7 o’clock, shoppers started screaming and running. Some sheltered inside stores afraid that there could be more shooting.

A store employee named Mya told FOX 32: “We got all the customers in our break room and waited it out. We were scared.” She returned to work Saturday, and said she was not concerned about safety.

Joel Valdes, 20, of Skokie was killed. A 15-year old girl was shot in the wrist.

Police say two men took off in a red car, which was pulled over in Chicago. One person was taken into custody. They are looking for a second suspect.

Inside the mall on Saturday, there were no signs that gun violence had happened. It was a busy day with families shopping and dining in the food court, steps from where the shooting had happened.

“We saw a lot of people walking, but normal. Nothing out of the usual,” said Omar Villareal, who spent Saturday afternoon there with his family.