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Biker Jewelry Culture

Biker Jewelry Culture

What is biker jewelry (also frequently) referred to gothic silver jewelry, gothic jewelry and Rock and Roll jewelry)? While we do innately know what it is, many objects of wonder such as these some things can hardly be described adequately through words. It can be said that gothic silver jewelry takes the form of heavy, bulky jewelry handcrafted from 925 sterling silver. It employs bold, unconventional, edgy and often anarchic, defiant themes.

The perception it commonly inspires is that of a rugged, handsome, masculine and individualistic man riding a powerful Harley through endless country roads into the sunset with an adventure-filled agenda. Or that of a hugely successful metal star performing live on stage, inspiring the adoration of millions of heavy metal followers in the mosh pit. It is a look which tickles the imagination and commands awe, admiration and wonder. Today, this look is hugely popular, due mainly to active promotion by musicians, bikers, biker fans, rock n roll fans and other cultural adherents eager to pioneer neo age fashion through the snazzy, head-turning outfits and accessories they wear.

Biker jewelry, despite its generic sounding name, is anything but generic, and despite its coarse sounding name, is anything but cheap. Biker jewelry brands such as Double Cross, Crazy Pig Designs, Chrome Hearts, Bill Wall Leather etc charge thousands of dollars per piece of biker jewelry. Each piece of gothic jewelry might be as small as a four gram pendant, which can go for several hundred dollars, to huge, chunky jewelry chains which can range from several thousands to over ten thousand dollars.

Fortunately, gothic jewelry has been made accessible to all though small time, unbranded jewelry outfits which craft similarly styled gothic designs also in real sterling silver for the less affluent fan. To access one such shop, click Skull Rings.