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Bella Reina Spa Announces New Better-Than-Massage Body Treatment That Promises Deep Relaxation, Body Rejuvenation and Total Skin Renewal

Bella Reina Spa Announces New Better-Than-Massage Body Treatment That Promises Deep Relaxation, Body Rejuvenation and Total Skin Renewal

Delray Beach, FL – April 22, 2022 – Delray Beach day spa, Bella Reina Spa, has revamped its services menu to include a few new treatments that are sure to dazzle and delight customers. The newest body skin treatment, the Dreamy Body Renew, is a detoxifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating process that de-stresses the body both physically and mentally, promotes deep sleep and relaxation, and provides a total body renewal by improving circulation for softer, hydrated and healthier looking skin. 

Dreamy Body Renew is Better Than a Massage

The treatment includes lymphatic brushing, aromatherapy towel compression, a performance cell renewal salt scrub, and a rich body jasmine and cedarwood cellular massage cream. Each individual component of the Dreamy Body Renew is important and beneficial to the body in its own way; however, when these powerful skincare tactics combine forces, they are elevated to another level, giving each client an experience unlike any other spa treatment.

Lymphatic dry brushing is a method that originated in Japan that provides a sense of stimulation and balance in the lymphatic and nervous systems to combat restlessness, nervousness and sleeplessness. The entire body is brushed, including the shoulders, arms, legs, back, and if consented to by the client, the stomach as well. 

The warm towel rolling is a traditional European massage treatment that uses rolls of moist cloth on the skin, connective tissue and musculoskeletal system. The calming herbal extract of jasmine cedar is added to the cloth itself or the water used to dampen the cloth, which creates an even more effectively tranquil experience. These compression and rolling techniques increase blood flow and muscle relaxation, and improve transport of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. Towel rolling is recommended for those suffering from sallow and pale skin, inadequate blood flow, muscular tension, post-physical exertion, feelings of coldness, nervousness and sleep problems.

Following the towel rolling is a body scrub made primarily using macadamia seed oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil, among other natural essences and ingredients, and an organic massage cream mixed with a few drops of the calming jasmine cedar oil. A head and neck massage rounds out this 75-minute full-body experience.

The Dreamy Body Renew is now available for booking at Bella Reina Spa for $125. Warning: only book this treatment if you are ready for deep relaxation, body rejuvenation and total skin renewal. Treatments can be made online at bellareinaspa.com or by calling the spa at 561-404-7670. 

About Bella Reina Spa

A luxury beauty spa, Bella Reina is Delray Beach’s A-List spa and was voted Best Day Spa in North America. Created by Nancy Reagan, aesthetics expert and skincare coach, this beauty oasis focuses on wellness, self-care, and premium products. Advanced expert treatments include HydraFacial MD, HIFU, Dermaplaning, Brow Wax, Tinting, Slimming Infrared Body Wraps, Peels, and Acne Facials. Discover organic, K-Skin, and vegan spa treatments that combine holistic therapies with medical aesthetics for state-of-the-art treatments with results. Bella Reina has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Dermascope, Skin Inc, American Spa,  and numerous other publications.

With a focus on corrective skincare services, hard waxing, and organic Dazzle Dry pedicures, Bella Reina also offers detoxifying massage treatments. Featured brands include Bella Reina, Jurlique, Biodroga, Environ, Jane Iredale, Skin ScriptRx, SuperGoop, and Dr. Grandel. 

Bella Reina Spa is located at 815 George Bush Blvd., Delray Beach, FL 33483. For more information about Bella Reina Spa and the services and products available, please visit bellareinaspa.com and follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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