23/06/2024 2:37 PM


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Beavercreek beauty salon closing after 60+ years in business

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) — Jeanette’s Beauty Shop in Beavercreek has been a staple on Dayton-Xenia Road since 1957, but after more than 60 years in business, it’s closing.

“It’s just your good hometown beauty shop,” smiles Lisa Hamilton, who is the salon’s third owner.

Lisa has owned Jeanette’s since 1999 and has never changed the name.

“I told the ladies I would change the name when the light burned out. Well the light has been burnt out for several years, and we just never did it,” laughs Lisa. “And you know, I couldn’t do it. So I’ll answer to Jeanette. I’ll answer to Lisa.”

Jeanette’s is a traditional beauty shop with a loyal customer base.

“I’ve had the Friday appointment for I don’t know how many years,” says Mary Jane McCormick who has been coming to the salon weekly to get her hair done for the last 30+ years.

While Jeanette’s has never gone out of style, Lisa is ready to pull the plug. The building where it’s located is up for sale and there is ongoing construction in front of the salon.

“I’m ready to give up the responsibility of owning,” states Lisa who is ready for the next chapter. She says it’s a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

Over the years, Lisa has become more than just a hairdresser, building a rapport with all of her clients.

“I’m just overwhelmed. I mean, you develop friendships, not just clientele but friendships,” says Lisa.

“I consider her a good friend,” says Mary Jane.

Even though the business is closing, she’s not finished doing hair.

“It’s a great ride. I’ve never had a second thought,” says Lisa.

Lisa is going to the Designery in the Beaver Valley Shopping Center with her clients following.

“I have her home phone number!” laughs Mary Jane.

Jeanette’s will close by May 1.