25/07/2024 6:40 AM


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Beauty salon hit by baby boom after seven workers give birth within months

A beauty salon has been hit by a baby boom after seven women working there gave birth within nine months.

Me Time Hair & Beauty in Laurieston, Falkirk, employs 15 workers, with around half becoming pregnant since the start of the year – and have welcomed six baby girls and one boy between January 15 and September 1.

Salon owner Marie-Claire McFarlane, 33, was the only mum to give birth to a boy, Joel, and is already mum to daughter Madison, aged three.

Receptionist Sammy Sneddon, 28, is also a mum-of-two, but for the five other women it was their first experience of pregnancy and they supported each other through it.

Nail technician Lisa Henderson, 29, was the first to give birth, with daughter Mila McDowall born on January 15.

First-time mum Lisa Henderson shows off daughter Mila

Hair stylist Maxine Gibson, 31, followed having the first lockdown baby when she gave birth to daughter Sienna Gibson Gray on April 28.

Stylist Loren Taylor, 22, delivered her daughter Evie Sarah Lorentson on June 14.

Two days later, receptionist Sammy gave birth to Elsie Susie Sneddon.

Less than a month later stylist Cara Martin, 29, became a mum to baby Hallie Ann Martin on July 10.

Owner Marie-Claire gave birth to Joel on August 27.

And stylist Megan Hamilton, 30, welcomed her daughter Konnie Hamilton on September 1.
Marie-Claire, who has run the salon for six years, said: “There’s 15 of us so more than half have been pregnant.

Owner Marie-Claire McFarlane with son Joel – the only boy of the bunch

“I think everyone was getting worried about telling me but it’s always nice news.

“We didn’t expect 2020 to go the way it has, in more ways than one, but it’s been a lovely surprise.”

She said it was a ‘nice surprise’ during lockdown, and was looking forward to three months off with her new baby at home in Laurieston, Falkirk.

Marie-Claire added: “When it opened back up we kind of forgot we were so far on but it was good getting time off and not having to worry about being on our feet all day.

“A lot of self employed people only take six weeks maternity but I’m probably going to take three months.

“We’ll manage with the other girls.

Cara Martin with daughter Hallie Ann, one of six girls

“I think in a couple of years there could be another baby boom with people having their second baby, but I’m definitely finished.”

Hair stylist Cara, from Redding, Falkirk, said the whole experience had been surreal for the mums.

She said: “When we first went into lockdown I was 24 weeks pregnant.

“It was quite scary not knowing what was happening.

“It was nice to rest before having the baby but the rubbish part was I had to come back to work early because I’m self employed – I was off so long before.

“Before lockdown we were all pregnant so it was just like ‘how are you feeling today’ and showing each other what we’ve bought for our babies.

“It was quite surreal, with one after the other announcing they were pregnant.

“A bizarre experience but unique – it was nice.”

Sammy, who is off on maternity till February, said: “It just got laughable when we kept on announcing, but it was nice because we had each other – especially during lockdown when you couldn’t get out and see other mums.

“We’re all friends anyway.

“It gave us time being off before lockdown to get prepared.”