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Badmaash Company Movie Review

Badmaash Company Movie Review

I have to admit that after watching the movie houseful last week “Badmaash Company” movie was easy on my brain. Firstly it was a nice cast with a new face. It is always good to see a new face who is not related to any big name in the film industry. Yes I am talking about Chang. “Badmaash Company” movie however lacked originality. There were cases where you could have thought to yourself, why everyone except our hero is so dumb. Imagine if the housing bubble was actually caused in the same fashion as Shahid Kapoor made us believe. In that case we would not have blamed the big banks would we? I wish banks could have been fooled to lose money like that.

I can not stress the importance of a good story to anyone who is in movie business. If you cannot write a good story well then plagiarize a good one from hollywood. Everyone seems to do that anyway so why should this be any different? Well maybe nowadays Indian population is watching hollywood movies more than ever so they might call you on stealing the content but then what are item songs for? Use item songs as differentiation. Sorry for being sarcastic but looks like I am preaching to the choir. But that is what you would see in this movie, songs that are just inserted for no apparent reason but just to show how great our hero and heroine look on a nice beach and with hardly any clothes on.

Finally I think the “Badmaash Company” movie could have been much better if they could have shown better ways of conning people. The shoe trick shown in the movie was repeated for the gloves trick too and that was pretty lame. The movie was probably set back in past just so that they could use this trick when duty rates was higher. Come on, get some recent content that resonates with what is the reality today.

The movie “Badmaash Company” comes with another drawback- its soundtrack. The music is unappealing and lacks melody. Preetam giving one of the most uninspiring scores of his career. The soundtrack points towards the fact that the director himself does not have a ear for good melody. The songs are plain boring. They do not seem to be in sync with the otherwise appealing cinematography depicting the foreign locations, casinos and lavish cars in a splendid style.