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Back to Nature at Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf Spa Resort

Nature can survive without humans, but humans cannot survive without nature and its resources as our affinity towards nature are genetic and very much deep-rooted since humans evolved.

Nature not only provides us with food and shelter, but it also gives us peace of mind, helps us relax and breathe good air.

However, the constant stimulation of crowded city life can propel the body into a stressful state besides pollutant- harmful effects on health.

For those who want to get away and enjoy the serenity of nature, peace, calm, and tranquillity, Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort in Siem Reap has come up with a whole package of activities to help you experience just what you need.

The resort offers an unparalleled experience surrounded by luxuriant and manicured greenery. Around its botanical garden, composed by lakes as well as an abundant variety of trees and flowers, peace and relaxation are easily found.

In the morning, you can walk by the pond which leads to the swimming pool, and sit down to learn about lotus folding with the florists who are passionate about their work.

Sofitel Angkor has a ‘Garden Library’ overlooking the Sala Lake that depicts the tranquillity of the resort, a beautiful spot to observe nature, read a book or listen to birds singing.

More than a Botanical Garden, Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort is also a unique home for birds. Their presence is in perfect harmony with the beauty of the garden, thus redefining luxury of  mother nature.

One can enjoy breakfast on the terrace or sit back at Explorer’s Tales Bar to see some of them in the birdhouse. In addition, Phokeethra Country Club counts around 73 species of birds that make the golf course a unique Bird Sanctuary, protected by untouched areas, away from the city.

The resort is organising an exceptional ‘Bird Watching Activity’ starting February 1, at the golf course in partnership with Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA) in Siem Reap which provides birding tours and natural heritage tours across Cambodia.

With $100 per person and with a group of 12 people, a CBGA guide will take people for bird watching from 5.30am to 1pm. The cost includes transportation, breakfast, coffee break, lunch, and golf initiation.

Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort’s marketing and communication manager, Clément Perocheau says: “We’ve always had birds around the hotel but it’s only since last year when we collaborated with Cambodia Bird Guide Association that we started to identify species. The golf course counts about 73 species, at least.”

Bird watching activity to be organised from February 1 at Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Country Club. Supplied

Perocheau added: “We’ve been working with Sophal but it can be any guides from the association. They are organising their own tour as well. This will be the first time that we are organising the bird watching activity,” he added.

Sophal Chen, known as Naran, is a senior guide and co-founder of CBGA. After years of bird guiding, Naran has grown his interest also in bird photography for Cambodia.

The resort has also lined up other activities for its guests to enjoy with friends, family, or even as a couple.

They can take a bike ride around the city and its countryside to discover the beauty of Siem Reap’s surroundings with Sofitel’s Culinary Experts preparing a special delicious selection of picnic take-away or can be enjoyed at the hotel.

“Cycling has always been an activity offered. Nevertheless, we observed more and more Cambodians riding around town on a bike and we support the fact to be more in line with nature,” said Perocheau.

Moreover, to spend family quality time, the guests can indulge in fishing in the lake or dedicated activities such as treasure hunt, Le Petit Prince Travel Diary (This is a small book that includes games, drawing, etc that children can enjoy and complete). These are family activities and anyone can enjoy to cherish beautiful memories.

“Our resort is a haven of relaxation where nature takes place and creates an unmatched atmosphere. As we strive to offer the most unique experience for our guests, having activities people can enjoy outside with beautiful surroundings such as bicycle riding, bird watching, fishing, is a must-try when staying with us. Everything is set up to create a meaningful experience,” says Perocheau.

The resort is highly committed to creating a natural environment experience for its guests and forming one together with the community.

The resort is known for its commitment to environmental related projects with the community and supports school  internships and charitable events.

Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa supports social enterprises that provide sustainable livelihood to villagers through arts.

The resort is one of the highest among hotels to receive awards in the country. Last year, over 21 awards were received by Siem Reap’s unique resort.


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