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WearU is slowly bridging the gap between the virtual domain and reality through the smart use of the Blockchain for the Fashion Industry

The vogue field has seen a single of the most dominant development in contrast to any sector in terms of technological implementation. Commencing from the shift to on the internet browsing streams to getting indigenous applications from which buyers can make buys, the market has found dominant progression. Now, the sector is slowly but surely upscaling to the implementation of significant tech like the blockchain to boost its customer working experience and WearU is a dominant illustration of it.

WearU system:

WearU is one particular of its kind revolutionary decentralized marketplace that is developed for manner makes, vendors, wholesalers, and specific artists to link with their shoppers like hardly ever just before. Run by the mixed know-how of cloud and blockchain, the full metaverse-centered marketplace has the electric power and capacity to host extra than 1000 clients at a time.

Seamless Integration, Strong Architecture:

Any trend business, be it major or compact, can seamlessly merge with the system by means of the 3rd occasion APIs accessible inside of the system. This will give corporations on the system the ulterior advantage of receiving near to their buyers like never ever just before and at the exact time supply them with an wonderful searching experience.

Indigenous Utility Token:

The finest of the blockchain is found in the architecture of the indigenous utility token of the system, the WRU token. The WRU token, which is a BEP-20 common token, packs a single of the most advanced architectural models that is driven applying AI good engines coupled with device mastering. This smart culmination aids in utilizing the typical intelligent contracts on the blockchain successfully, earning the entire functionality of the system 1024 instances more rapidly than any other marketplace. Apart from owning the most recent and the ideal that the blockchain has to give, the project also allows the buyers to create and transact applying NFTs on the platform.

Protection Aspects:

This powerhouse ecosystem is also merged with the ideal safety protocols giving added assist for Multi-Variable authentication and FaceID for the native wallets out there in the system.


The key function that is attracting a vast range of businesses in the vogue marketplace to WearU is its just one-of-a-variety 3-D scanner on the blockchain, VirtuScan. VirtuScan permits end users to scan the 3-D model of their attire and offers them the flexibility of modifying the hue, distinction, and saturation to give the customers the search and come to feel of the genuine merchandise. The virtuscan can render 3-D models of the scanned items within just seconds and add them to the cloud giving businesses an choice to retain a electronic portfolio on the blockchain. The total ecosystem offers the person the overall flexibility of uploading and keeping 1000 patterns at a time. VirtuScan is made and patented for speed, dependability, and accuracy.

The platform is also integrated with one particular of the most successful support units that are being led by the best minds of the crypto planet to guarantee the operational dependability of the method.


Out of the many integrated and out-of-the-box conventional capabilities offered in the ecosystem, the tokenomics of the indigenous token of the system is what sets the full project aside. Tokenomics is developed to create supply and need of the token in the current market and at the exact time guarantee token and utility circulation.

The overall offer of the token is around 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) and the rate for every BUSD (Binance USD) is fastened at 1666.67 WRU and will be capped at a highest transaction limit of 3000 BUSD for each wallet. Each transaction in the ecosystem is tax-totally free, producing it a trustworthy solution of electronic forex for trade in the ecosystem. The community sale of the token is going live on June 22nd, 2022 on their indigenous web-site and all the acquired tokens will be airdropped soon after the PCS celebration.

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