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Want to Buy a Musical Keyboard – Here’s What to Look For

Want to Buy a Musical Keyboard – Here’s What to Look For

The musical keyboard has become so popular today with so many different options and features and price points it can be difficult to decide which to buy. Here are tips on what to look for when buying a musical keyboard.


The first thing you must consider is your budget. There are some very basic offerings under $100. But these are pretty much designed for beginners or for children. In the $100 to $200 range is where most beginner and “learning keyboards” seem to fall. If you want more something advanced for the accomplished musician, performer or aspiring song writer plan to pay few hundred dollars on up.

Size of the Keyboard

The size of the keyboard ranges from those that have as many keys as the traditional piano-88, to those with less than 61. It is often recommended for beginners a keyboard with a minimum of 61 keys will work fine, but not to opt for anything else. For the more advanced player, in order to play a more complete range of music, they should consider keyboards with 76-88 keys.

Portability is also a factor to keep in mind. The more keys the heavier, bigger and less portable the instrument will be.

The Keys Are Everything

Some keyboards come with keys that are touch sensitive and weighted, just like a real piano. These are helpful features to have because if the user ever wants to play on a real piano the transition will be very natural and comfortable. With keys like these sound will be quieter or louder depending on how hard the key is struck.

On some beginner versions the keys light up as songs are played. This is a helpful feature to consider for the beginning musician. That way they know what keys to depress without even knowing how to read music. It can be a great learning tool.

One more thing regarding keys, make sure they are the same size as a traditional piano. On some of the lower end versions the keys are smaller than those on a normal piano size.

Sounds, Rhythms and Tones

This is where it can get really fun. Unlike a piano, even the most basis keyboards come with all sorts of built-in sounds. These sounds range from various other instruments, sound effects, drum and bass back tracks, many tone variations, and even the ability to bend pitch on some.


Some musical keyboards come with bundle packages and that can be a good idea. It is especially helpful to have headphone for a beginner. An AC adapter is also a good idea that way you are not always reliant on batteries for power.

Final Tip

The final tip is to read reviews by others that have already bought the instrument you are looking at. There are many places online which have reviews that are very helpful in making your decision.